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Inspirational Member of the Month – Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer is one of those people that is an example how perseverance and determination can surmount any obstacle. As an athlete, runner with the SAC Run Club and regular participant in many of the club’s group exercise classes, Jennifer set a new goal for herself. She wanted to complete her first FULL marathon (26.2 miles) in October.

Before she had opportunity to begin her new journey, she unfortunately experienced a physical setback; incurring a lower leg stress fracture which confined her to a boot for many weeks. This only made her more determined to succeed. She followed all protocols to facilitate her healing and continued to find ways to keep exercising within her limitations. She worked with our instructors to help rehabilitate her back to her level of strength and endurance while maintaining a focus and positive outlook that is testament to Jennifer’s personality. She continued to work hard towards her goal, transitioning back to running. She took one day at a time, with fierce perseverance, grace and a competitive spirit that got her back to training.

And she came back with a vengeance! Once her training began, she became a stronger competitor, leader as well as a source of inspiration and encouragement for her teammates. She was consistent, precise, diligent and committed; qualities that enhanced her success. On October 11th 2015, Jennifer competed in the Goodlife Fitness Victoria, B. C. Marathon, her FIRST full marathon and did so with a phenomenal time! She not only qualified for the Boston Marathon, but placed 10th in her age division! We think she surpassed her goal!!

Congratulations Jennifer! Your perseverance is truly inspirational.




Powerlifting Meet Recap: Part II

On December 6th I competed in my second powerlifting meet: The Team Phoinix Holiday Classic. This meet was held in Lake Stevens by my friends of Team Phoinix Powerlifting. This was another great meet that was fun, efficient, and humbling. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the sport of powerlifting I suggest you look up my recap of my first meet where I go into more detail about the sport itself.

It had been about a year since my last competition so I came 15 pounds heavier and confident in my strength gains. I weighed in at 250 pounds so that put me in the 275 pound weight-class as the lightest lifter in the group. I expected this and was fine with it since I have no interest in the dehydration and starvation involved in cutting weight to be in a lower class. The only set-back I experienced heading into this meet was an SI Joint issue I suffered about 10 weeks before the meet. This sidelined my training for about two weeks but I was able to recover from it thanks to the help of Dr. Li. Despite this issue I was confident I would hit my meet goals.


During the squat everything went exactly to plan and I ended up setting a PR and hitting my goal of 440 lbs (200kg) with plenty of room to spare. I believe I would have been good for at least 460 lbs that day.

1st Attempt: 365 lbs (easy opener, a weight I can do at anytime on any day)

2nd Attempt: 418 lbs (8 pounds above my best gym lift, very easy again)

3rd Attempt: 440 lbs (meet goal, probably left 20 lbs on the platform)


I’d been toying with my bench technique and wasn’t quite sure how it would go. My goal was to break my previous meet PR of 298 lbs.

1st Attempt: 265 lbs (easy opener, felt great and explosive)

2nd Attempt: 303 lbs – MISS (big jump but I wanted at least 2 attempts at my goal)

3rd Attempt: 303 lbs – MISS (got the bar about 4 inches off my chest before it drifted

forward and I failed the lift)


Deadlift had been going quite well in training. My goal was to break the 500 pound mark; my highest training deadlift was 465 lbs.

1st Attempt: 425 lbs (easy opener)

2nd Attempt: 475 lbs (this flew off the floor easier than expected but I stuck with the plan

instead of taking a bigger jump)
3rd Attempt: 501 lbs (just as easy as my second attempt, left at least 30 lbs on the


Overall I hit 2 out of 3 goals, took 2nd place in my weight-class, and left the meet very happy. Now it’s time to continue to get bigger and stronger!

Worksite Warrior Recap – December 2014

Worksite Warrior is a team weight loss competition at the Seattle Athletic Club where local corporate teams of 6+ participants band together for 30 days using a team personal fitness trainer, the group exercise classes and the whole facility to see which team can lose the largest percentage of weight.

This quarter we had two teams Simply Measured and Paladino participate in our Worksite Warrior competition. We are proud to announce that Simply Measured (trained by Tom Sheriff) won the competition losing 2.97% of their total team weight. Even though Simply Measured won the competition each team had some great individual results which you will see below:

1st Place Team Simply Measured:

  • All team members were male
  • 83% of them lost over 5 lbs in the 4 weeks
  • Their team lost a total of 43 lbs in the 4 weeks
  • The largest percentage of body weight lose by a team member was 4.55%
  • The average lost per person was 7.2 lbs

2nd Place Team Paladino:

  • All team members were female
  • 71% of them lost over 4 lbs in the 4 weeks
  • Their team lost a total of 35.4 lbs in the 4 weeks
  • The largest percentage of body weight lose by a team member was 5.53%
  • The average lost per person was 5.1 lbs

If you think your company would be interested in participating in next quarter’s Worksite Warrior competition please contact Fitness Director Jacob Galloway.