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Seattle Urban Squash’s first ever Sox Hop Disco Dance

Dear Members,

You and your friends are cordially invited to a night of Disco Dancing at Seattle Urban Squash’s first ever Sox Hop Disco on November 5th at

8:00 PM. Join us on the basketball courts at Seattle Athletic Club Downtown!

Some of you may have already seen young kids practicing on Squash Courts or huddled together studying intently as you rush past them towards your next gym class. Seattle Urban Squash (SUS), a 501(C)3 Public Charity working in association with our Seattle Athletic Clubs, is providing a comprehensive after school education, athletics, and community service program for kids from low-income families, creating pathways for higher education and a lifetime of opportunities. Kids face numerous challenges at school, but hardships faced by their families at home make it increasingly hard for them, potentially limiting their access to opportunities many of us take for granted. SUS staffers and volunteers work diligently year in and year out with a select group of kids starting from elementary school to help them focus on their studies, hone their game of Squash, and get involved in servicing their communities. In the process, our scholar athletes acquire crucial lifelong skills – commitment, diligence, resilience, integrity, and teamwork. In just the past 3 years since our inception, our students have significantly and consistently increased their reading and math abilities. We have averaged over 98% attendance across

250 hours of practice, community service projects, and field trips annually! As we kick-off our 4th academic year of this innovative and highly successful program, we invite you to join SUS at their informational and fundraising dance party to be held at Seattle Athletic Club Downtown Basketball Court on Saturday, November 5th, 2016 at 8 pm till late. The ticket prices are $30 and include a light buffet dinner, a drink ticket and a formal DJ to get you grooving to good old Sox Hop Disco party tunes (no hard sole or heeled shoes please!).

You will find the registration forms at our reception desks; please reach out to SUS staff directly for more information or sign-up online at

www.seattlesquash.org/events/2016/11/5/sus-soxhopdisco-party. Spread the word, bring your friends, and enjoy the evening for a good cause!

We look forward to seeing you groove with us!If you wish to learn more or volunteer in the Urban Squash program, please check out our website at

http://seattlesquash.org or email us at info@seattlesquash.org.

Raquethlon Tournament

Saturday, November 19th

Who is the best all-rounder with a racquet?


 Drinks, Snacks, and Music

  • Enter as an individual or as a team.
  • Each match consists of one game of each discipline, so table tennis, badminton, racquetball, and squash. All points are added together to determine the winner.
  • Team entries will consist of 2-4 players sharing the various disciplines.
  • Racquetball matches will be played on the squash courts.


  • Individual Entry = $20
  • Team Entry = $30

Deadline to sign-up is November 10th

For more information or to register for the Tournament please contact our squash pro, Annelize Naude at anaude@sacdt.com.

Amateur Seattle Open

Thank you to all the players who played in this year’s Seattle Open that ran from January 28-31st. We had over 105 participants in this year’s tournament that drew players from all over Western North America. Congratulations to the following players who placed in their respective divisions.

Women’s 5.0

  • 1st Place Elena Wagenmans
  • 2nd Place Helen Teegan

Women’s 4.0

  • 1st Place Arisha Khan
  • 2nd Place Lulu Chou

Women’s 3.0

  • 1st Place Tanisha Reddy
  • 2nd Place Char Short

Women’s Novice

  • 1st Place Sage Eberhard
  • 2nd Place Tesfu Ayana

Men’s 6.0

  • 1st Place Tommy Mullaney
  • 2nd Place Phillip Carbajal

Men’s 5.0

  • 1st Place Jeff Smithson
  • 2nd Place Wibe Wagenmans

Men’s 4.0

  • 1st Place Patrick Jameson
  • 2nd Place Yos Wagenmans

Men’s 3.0

  • 1st Place Luis Ferreira
  • 2nd Place Tarun Arora

Men’s Novice

  • 1st Place Yap Wuihee
  • 2nd Place Edward Miao

Men’s 50+

  • 1st Place Jay Prince
  • 2nd Place Derrick Cameron

Men’s 40+

  • 1st Place Sean Ryan
  • 2nd Place Joshua Hilton

2016 Seattle Open

March 1st – March 6th

Join us as the Seattle Athletic Club® Downtown hosts Seattle’s annual world class squash tournament, the Seattle Open® Squash Tournament. This year we will be hosting a division of world ranked players from both the Men’s PSA and Women’s WSA circuit. Competition will begin March 1st for the qualifying rounds and the Main draw will begin March 3rd. The championship matches will be held on Sunday March 6th.

The club will be offering ticket pre sales for both single day and full week admission along with a limited amount of tournament dinner tickets with the players and sponsors on Friday evening.

For more specific information on ticketing, please contact our Operations Director, Tim Schoonover at tschoonover@sacdt.com. For inquires regarding the players and schedules, please contact the Squash Office at 206-838-1829.



European Masters Games – Mariza Ohlsson and Naveen Garg

Two of our masters athletes – Mariza Ohlsson and Naveen Garg, travelled to Nice, France to participate in 2015 European Masters Games (Oct 1 – 11, 2015) that included 27 sports disciplines (http://emg-nice2015.fr/en/sports-disciplines/) spread over 40 venues with over 7200 athletes from 25 years to 96 years of age!

Mariza participated in Squash and Table Tennis events where as Naveen focused on both Classic and Open Squash events. Mariza played 4 matches and won 2, including a hard fought 5 set win that earned her the Bronze in the combined Women’s Squash Classic draw along with Gold in her age category! Naveen played a total of 9 matches, winning all 5 in the classic division with Gold Medal and winning 3 of 4 in the professional division with eventual 5th place. His only loss of the tournament was a close 2-3 loss to the eventual silver medalist.

The atmosphere that these two experienced was not unique to the event. Squash as a sport that is  welcoming and inviting  for most. As Mariza explains the experience, “The camaraderie among squash players is unique among sports. And we were shown the very best, even an invitation to dinner from one of the local players to his house on the hillside with a magnificent view.”

Congratulations to both Mariza and Naveen for representing the Seattle Squash Community in France this year.



4th of July Workout

For this 4th of July, we want to infuse your training with some explosiveness and intensity. Don’t be fooled by the deceptively simple movements, like our founding principles they are simple but powerful. And America wasn’t built alone, so grab a friend and challenge each other to perform at the very best of your abilities.

Warm-up 5 min on some cardio equipment; then perform 4 rounds of each exercise for 10 reps of the following:

A.) Lunge Jumps

B.) Barbell Push Press

C.) Squat Jumps

D.) Resistance Band Standing Explosive Chest Press

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Move with purpose between exercises. If done correctly, you don’t want to do a round five. You may even be seeing fireworks. If you have any questions, please ask any of our fitness professionals.

Inspirational Member of the Year: Lulu Chou

Lulu Chou is much more than an inspirational member; she is a role model. She has earned the trust and respect from members, club staff and fellow squash players for years. Lulu originally started playing squash around 1998 and it’s never been the same since.

Working her way up through the ranks, Lulu has persevered through challengers of any rank or gender. She has helped lead the Ladies Howe Cup team, rallying the troops, creating costumes and showing support for all players, new and old wherever she goes.

As a testament to her passion for the sport, after being out of commission due to surgery last year, she still managed to travel to Vancouver for the Sun and Surf tournament to support the Seattle Squash community. By January, five months after having her surgery and barely being able to walk, Lulu was the runner up in the Ladies A Division. In her own words, “I am a happy runner-up in the ladies draw. Not too shabby. 5 months post-surgery.”

She has shown that regardless of setbacks and challenges, anything is possible with a drive and a passion worth fighting for.

A Deeper Look at Squash Movement Patterns

Squash is a dynamic sport that requires a certain level of strength, stability, and aerobic fitness. Several key movements are repeated while playing. The muscles being used are at risk of overuse, and there are many that are underused that should be trained as a key to prevention.

Lunging has to be the most common lower body motion performed in squash. The hip, knee and ankle dynamically stabilize in the down position of the lunge as you are swinging the racket. This leaves the ankle susceptible to rolling, the knee susceptible to torque, and if the hip complex is not stabilized correctly, it can also be susceptible to hamstring, lower back and sacral issues. The major muscles involved that can be overused are the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and fascia such as the Illiotibial band (IT band).

During a forehand swing, the shoulder, elbow and wrist stabilize dynamically when making contact with the ball. This leaves the shoulder susceptible to strains and tears, and the elbow and wrist prone to tendonitis. Muscles that can become overused are the internal rotators, deltoid (anterior/medial), bicep, and flexors. The same susceptibilities are present during a backhanded swing as well. The rhomboids, external rotators, deltoid (posterior/ medial), tricep, and extensors are prone to overuse.

Functional analysis during a game shows the posterior and anterior oblique fascial lines to be most active (insert fascia strengthening and stretching blog link). Core muscles and spinal stabilizers are areas to focus on for strength, symmetry on both sides of the body, and ensure proper flexibility and recovery. Strength program development would work on activating the underused muscles involved in pushing, pulling, squatting, balancing and more isolated corrective work for the hip and shoulder. You can work on stabilization in a multiplanar lunge with an overhead press or the same multiplanar lunge with an overhead hold; to create the correct lengthening in the body. When working on the strengthening aspects of the program try weighted squats, chest press, and rows. During power with dynamic multiplanar movements remember to emphasize the lateral and transverse planes.

To prevent injury and perfect your game be sure to contact one of our squash instructors. For more specific squash program ideas or information on muscle imbalances please contact personal fitness trainer Amber Walz.

Attention Squash Players: Don’t Warm Up

At least don’t warm up in the typical fashion: No 5 minutes on the elliptical, no just jumping onto the court. If you are playing the Seattle Open Squash Tournament this weekend, prepare yourself for success with Purposeful Movement Preparation. A Purposeful Movement Preparation routine facilitates movement patterns common to squash, namely lunges, shoulder rotation and rotational stability. The emphasis is on perfect movements and drills that offer ample feedback. Let’s compare three warm-up options to better understand the benefit of Purposeful Movement Preparation.

Option 1: 5 minutes of light cardio exercise on a bike, elliptical, treadmill etc. combined with static stretching of any muscles that feel “tight.”

Option 2: 5-10 minutes on the court hitting

Option 3: 5-10 minutes of Purposeful Movement Preparation

No single strategy is perfect, but the advantages of Purposeful Movement Preparation are apparent. 5-10 minutes focusing on performing perfect repetitions of the movements most necessary for squash will overcome stiffness and soreness while allowing you to play to your potential. After this, a few minutes hitting on the court will provide adequate cardiovascular and skill preparation.

Performing your Purposeful Movement Preparation will require that you execute drills that foster perfect movement through patterns like lunges, shoulder rotation and rotational stability. First, focus on attaining mobility through a full range of motion and then work on stability in the legs, hips and shoulders in progressively more challenging postures. To make your Purposeful Movement Preparation most effective, tailor it to primarily address the movements that you find most challenging.

If you would like to create a personalized Purposeful Movement Preparation routine to facilitate your performance, please contact Personal Fitness Trainer Hunter Spencer at hspencer@sacdt.com. Hunter will also be available during the Seattle Open Tournament on Saturday Jan. 18. He will be leading complimentary group Purposeful Movement Preparation routines and providing complimentary Functional Movement Screens to identify your area of greatest need. More in depth corrective exercise sessions are also available to ensure that you maximize your potential at this tournament.