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Metabolism…what is that?

Our RMR test uses a Cardiocoach machine to measure the amount of oxygen you breathe out compared to the oxygen level in the air (muscle will use more of the oxygen in the air you are breathing compared to fat). The test consists of you sitting in a chair breathing through a tube with a nose clamp on for about 13 minutes. Once done the machine gives you your RMR number and estimates your other TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) numbers to give you your daily metabolism.


What this TDEE/Metabolic number is good for:

1.   It tells you how many calories your body needs in a day with normal daily activities

2.   It can tell you how many calories you need to eat based on your TDEE number to lose weight

3.   It can help calculate you how many more calories you need to eat to build muscle

4.   Your nutritionist will need this number to help design an appropriate food plan


Tips for prepping for an RMR test:

•   Doing the test in the morning is better so you are in a more rested state

•   Try not to eat or drink anything 4 hours before the test

•   Do not do any exercise the day before the test

•   No coffee or stimulants


Ways to increase your metabolism:

1.   Increase lean muscle mass

2.   Adequate sleep

3.   Decreased stress

4.   Small frequent meals

5.   Adequate water consumption

6.   Regular exercise


For more information please contact Fitness Director, Jacob Luckey, at jluckey@sacdt.com.