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Hiking Club Recap for 2015


Thank you to all that joined me on my first “lead” hiking club expedition, not only did we get in shape but created lasting memories. The Club was a wonderful way for people to make new friends and for those to experience something new. One member conquered her fear of hikes on the Kendall Katwalk, another couple stepped out of their comfort zone and tackled a 9 miles 3000’ elevation gain at Lake Serene (WHOAH!), and I fell even more in love with the Pacific Northwest. The enthusiasm, the laughs, and sometimes grunts as we tackled the last few hills were all worth it in the end when we experienced that “top of the world” view as a team, which is why I love what I do and can’t wait till next year.






2013 is a great year to take it to the mountains!

Get ready! Seattle Athletic Club Downtown is bringing more Outdoor Recreational opportunities to its members.

Recently I wanted to check out Mt. Baker to get an idea of the opportunities it offers our members to climb, ski and adventure. I’m pleased to share that this summer, the Club will be launching a mountaineering aspect to our Outdoor Recreation program! Starting with an Intro to Mountaineering course; followed by a Level 1 climb on Mt. Baker. Our goal will be to have a blast and learn a ton!

In addition to the prep courses, this summer we will have opportunities available to climb some of the beautiful peaks that surround us. We’ll be focusing on teaching/offering hands-on knowledge about mountaineering, safety, and the beauty of our wilderness in the Pacific Northwest.

We’ll be announcing more details about SAC Mountaineering classes and climbs this spring/summer. Please contact Brandyn if you want to get on the early registration list for our climbs or to learn more about the programs we are planning.