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Evolve – Take Charge of Your Health

Lose weight, get fit and take charge of your health. Learn the answers to feel better, look better, and live better from our highly qualified health and fitness professionals. Evolve is a weight loss program customized to help you achieve your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. The evolution to a better you is only 12 weeks away!

Our Evolve Program includes:

•   2 x 60 min or 3 x 40 min workouts per week

•   5 x 30 min nutritional consultations

•   2 RMR readings (Resting Metabolic Rate – your metabolism)

•   1 shopping trip at your local grocery store to show you how to shop and what to buy

•   2 x wellness coaching sessions to work through any fitness mental barriers


For more information please contact Fitness Director, Jacob Luckey, at jluckey@sacdt.com.

–  Year Round  |  $510/month