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I first met Oceana when she decided to join our Lose It! weight loss competition with her husband in January of 2013.  They had decided that they both wanted to set their new years resolution to change their daily habits and lose some weight, especially after the birth of their child.


Oceania started the competition with her goal in mind and never looked back.  She started to workout on her own as well as participate in some group exercises classes and every now and again some personal training classes.  Oceania and her husband met with our club nutritionist to talk about making healthy eating habits throughout the day.  Every week that Oceania weighed in she dropped 2-3 lbs; even with being on vacation, the Super bowl, having a new born baby and working she was able to figure out her diet and exercise and continue to make healthy choices…and it paid off.


Oceania won our Lose It! weight loss competition against over 30 other competitors.  In the 12 weeks she lost over 12% of her body weight, dropping 1.98 lbs per week; she also lost 1.4 inches from her arms, 1.6 inches from her chest, 3.6 inches from her waist, 5.2 inches from her hips and 2.7 inches from her thighs.  More important than her amazing body transformation was the fact that her whole family changed their daily habits to include healthy choices in everything they did and they continue to do it as a family.

Member Spotlight: Lori Dickinson

Lori lives and works over 40 miles away from the Seattle Athletic Club. She drives here religiously every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to participate in Swim Conditioning. I can always rely on Lori to show up with a smile on her face and eager to jump in. She helps me keep count of the set they are swimming. Her enthusiasm for swimming shows in every length she swims.

She has been a member of the Seattle Athletic Club since the club opened its doors in the 1980’s. Lori started in the swimming program just a short time after joining, going from only being able to swim one length of the pool to participating in the entire workout. She has been actively participating ever since, making her three swim workouts a high priority every week. Swimming has kept her healthy, happy, and relatively injury-free for a long time, she doesn’t plan to ever give it up.

“I’ve had various competitive goals during my swimming years, for 2012 I set a goal just to compete against myself–to swim 250 miles for the year. At the time I set the goal I really didn’t think too much about it, I calculated the number of yards I usually swim in a week and multiplied it by 52 weeks in the year.

What I didn’t think about was the inevitable snow and ice and marathon road-closures that make being late for practice a regular occurrence. I didn’t think about the work and family emergencies that would pull me away from practice. I didn’t take into account a bout with the whooping cough that took swimming away as an option for a number of weeks, or the fact that both Thanksgiving and Christmas hit on swim workouts days. During the summer I realized that hitting my goal was actually going to require some pretty aggressive work on my part.

From that point forward I made it a point to stay late after class if my yardage hadn’t met my daily goal. When the club closed for the summer maintenance I joined another club to keep my weekly yardage up. As the end of the year approached I counted out the number of workouts left, added up the anticipated mileage for each one and realized that I had to swim every single yard in every single workout to make my goal. If a snowstorm or illness prevented me from getting in I knew I wouldn’t make it.

Thanks to my coach, Kelli, who was tracking my mileage just as closely as I was, I got in a couple of extra yards here and there on top of my plan. It wasn’t just my coach that kept me motivated, the other members of the class have always been super supportive of each other, so they helped a lot, too. I hit my 250 mile goal with 2 miles to spare on the last workout of the year. Hooray!”

I look forward to seeing Lori 3 days a week. Thank you Lori for all of your hard work!