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New Kickbox Conditioning Class!

Wednesday nights 6:35-7:35pm | Start date is February 3rd

Kickbox Conditioning will build stamina, coordination and agility through combinations of basic kicks, strikes, and footwork. Bob and weave your way to endurance and develop the core control, strength, and dynamic balance of a martial athlete. This class will be a mix of choreography, intervals and partner exercises. Be prepared to sweat.


For more information, please contact our Group Exercise Director, Anna Miller at amiller@sacdt.com.


June Employee of the Month: Natalie Swistak!!!




Please congratulate Natalie Swistak for being nominated employee of the month. Natalie has been an instructor for Seattle Athletic Club since 1999 when we first launched Cycle at the club. She has taught many different formats including Kickboxing and Step, but her passion remains with Cycle.

Natalie consistently goes above and beyond when it comes to teaching Cycle classes. Her positive energy and enthusiasm for teaching are reflected in the outstanding classes she teaches and her passion shines through every time.

As a strong leader in the Cycle Department, she is a huge asset to our team. Natalie is a true professional in every aspect of the word. She is dedicated to teaching, having fun, and most importantly, listening to the members every time they step into the room.

This is what Natalie said about her Cycle classes at SAC, “My 6am Cycle classes bring me tremendous happiness because we have amazing, positive, and dedicated members who like to work hard but have fun!  We motivate each other every week and it’s something special I have not seen at many clubs.  I owe my inspiration to the members who make this happen!”

In addition to leading Cycle classes, Natalie is an inspiration outside of the studio as well. She has been competing in triathlons since 1998. She has completed 3 ironman distance triathlons and placed top 10 in her age group at Ironman Whistler in 2013! She is scheduled to do Ironman Arizona in November with her fellow TN Multisport Athletes. When she is not on the bike, running or swimming, she loves to snowboard and travel up to Whistler to mountain bike.

We are delighted Natalie is a part of our team here at SAC! Thank you Natalie for all you do!

Sticking with your New Years Routine

Yo-yo dieting does not work and neither does yo-yo exercise. A lot of people start out the New Year with good intentions but quickly fall out of a new exercise routine shortly after the year starts. Most fitness gains are cumulative. For example: the more you lift weights, the more weight you can lift; the more often you walk or run, the farther you’ll be able to go and the stronger your heart and lungs will become.

So if you typically go gangbusters every New Years with a new fitness regimen, only to stall out within weeks, here are some tips for sticking with it:

1. Pick something you really enjoy. Hate running? Don’t do it! There are lots of fat-burning aerobic activities to choose from. Try the rowing machine for low impact but great calorie expenditure or a spin class with inspirational music.

2. Make it a date. Treat your power walk/ kickboxing class/ weight circuit session as an appointment. Write it in your calendar or plug it into your smartphone, and you’ll be more likely to follow through. If you need more reinforcement, schedule a few months’ worth of these dates, so that you’ll have to make your other plans around your exercise. Forming a new habit will take at least 3 to 6 weeks so plan your exercise as far out as possible.

3. Buddy up. Commit to a routine with a friend or two. Whether you’ll be embarking on a regular bike ride, splitting the cost of a personal trainer, or planning to meet up for a yoga class, it’ll be harder for you to make up excuses to get out of your workouts if your friends are counting on you to be there. The Seattle Athletic Club has a variety of fun and inexpensive fitness classes that you and your friends can join together and keep you all on track. Finding a fun class like Will Patons’ Circuit Training class or Amber Grugers’ Insanity class will allow you and your friends to have fun in a group setting with lots of other energetic people.

4. Keep it fresh. Make it a goal to try a new activity every six weeks or so to keep from getting bored. Think of the different areas of fitness you would like to improve and when it is time to try another activity make the switch to something your body needs. If you feel you’re strong but not as flexible as you would like to be then a Pilates or Yoga class once or twice a week may improve your overall fitness level. Come into the Seattle Athletic Club to see what new and exciting classes fit your New Years goals. Trying a new class just might be that extra piece of motivation to keep you going this New Year!

What is Savate Kickboxing?

Seattle KickboxingPerhaps you have heard in the gym, on T.V, and from friends the art of Kickboxing. There are many different kinds from American freestyle, Chinese San Chou, Thai kickboxing, and French Savate to name a few. They have similar names, but differ tremendously. I am going to share with you the art of French Savate.

Originally created in late 1800s, a hand to hand combat style safe to practice at any age, and after you learn the basics is quite fun. The student will learn to use:

  • Footwork patterns,
  • Boxing
  • Leg kicks
  • Body reaction awareness
  • Flexibility physically & mentally

This art will help you to stay relaxed, fluid; while always thinking of the strategies learned from the combinations that are drilled on a regular basis. Increase your cognitive skills as well as hand-eye coordination as technique is always your foundation for movement. Think of the art of French Savate like chess, when your opponent moves you are ready to do the opposite to use brains before brawn!

The fundamental element of Savate is the conditioning; you learn to master every exercise modality, giving the student every opportunity to be a Martial Art Athlete. As you progress with the combinations and their mastery you get promoted with diplomas and graduate to the next level of information/combinations. Your ultimate goal is a Black belt and then degrees of the black belt after. Fall in love with French Savate for the art and knowledge you will learn about, and your own strengths when put under different environmental stresses. This form of kick boxing is taught at the Seattle Athletic Club Downtown. If you would like come try a class or schedule a private class, contact Jody Garcia for more information.