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Spring Training Outside on Pier 66

With more daylight extending in to the evenings, why not use this opportunity to change your fitness routine?

Training outdoors can awaken your urban fitness child and enhance your workout experiences. All you need is a good pair of athletic shoes, a resistance band and a jump rope. The challenge of having to do something outside of your comfort zone, along with the fresh air and great weather, is what outdoor workouts are all about. Just outside the Seattle Athletic Club Downtown doors, you can find easy access to the waterfront by heading down the overpass and stairs at the base of Lenora Avenue. There are running trails along the waterfront, as well as the pier 66 stairs and Sculpture Park grounds that provide a lot of options to plan a rewarding routine around.

Here are some exercise examples and calories expenditures pertaining to the movement to get you started:

  • Running stairs for a hour = 612 calories
  • Doing a circuit of upper and lower body = 544 calories
  • Running a 12min mile = 544 calories a hour
  • Jump rope 3 minutes = 100 calories

By using some simple activities, mixed with some base exercises, you can easily build a 750 calorie burning workout together. An example might include: a small run in, do a flight of stairs, stop do some upper body & lower body resistance band sequences, add a minute of jump rope, repeat a 2nd set and run back to club to finish with some core work and stretching.

If you need help with putting this routine together contact any member of our fitness team.

If these benefits seem like something that interest you and you would like to be our group workouts please contact Martial Arts Trainer Jody Garcia.