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Employee of the Year: Jacob Galloway



At our most recent Annual Holiday Party, we had the pleasure and honor of announcing our newly formed Employee of the Year award; the Cookie Laughlin award.

This award will holds extra meaning and sentiment for a lot of our employees because it is in memoriam of one of our most treasured former members; Cookie Lauglin. Cookie was an extremely caring, supportive, friendly, honest, joyful, loving and hard working person.  Everything that our club strives to find and develop within our employees.

The inaugural Cookie Lauglin award recipient, our Fitness Director Jacob Galloway, personifies all those traits and more.

Jacob received this inaugural award due to his caring, loving, considerate work he has personally given to Cookie and her husband John.  In addition to his devotion to the Laughlin’s health, Jacob also exemplifies what it means to be a complete team player.  Jacob is extremely supportive of his staff, he is responsible, caring, friendly, positive, and above all else shows complete care and belief in what the club does to better the lives of members and clients alike.  Jacob works extremely hard to uphold the club’s standards of professionalism as well as his devotion to his clients.  He gives 100% of himself every day to his staff, his clients, and members.

Congratulations Jacob and thank you Laughlin family for the tremendous honor.

Why does our fitness staff do what they do?

Here at the Seattle Athletic Club, we are blessed to have a highly qualified staff of health care professionals that are genuinely interesting in helping people. Unfortunately, this is a rarity within the health club industry. At many gyms, sales and commissions will come before the actual needs of the client.

We thought it would be noteworthy to show what motivates each of our training staff to help our members every day.

Each trainer has their own reason why they get up in the morning, why they come to work every day, why they love to share their knowledge and expertise, and why they love what they do. Their “Why” represents their inner most desire in life and thus in their work.

If you would like to learn more about the fitness staff here at the Seattle Athletic Club just read below.

Adriana Brown

  • Why – I help people create strong feelings of self-accomplishment.
  • What – Giving individuals knowledge for better more effective ways to move.


Jake Pedersen

  • Why – I have an intense curiosity to see what drives people.
  •  What – I show people how to have fun and play.


Kendra Kainz

  • Why – I want people to know their self worth.
  •  What – I let people be themselves and listen to what they need.


Damien Krantz

  • Why – I contribute positively to society.
  •  What – I strive to be a sincere and professional role model.


Barbara Miller

  • Why – I create opportunities for happiness.
  •  What – I help people believe in themselves.


Amber Gruger

  • Why – I provide confidence.
  •  What – I present commitment and possibilities.


Thomas Eagen

  • Why – I want people to be centered and find control.
  •  What – I help individuals understand the ongoing processes of their wellness.


Jody Garcia

  • Why – I want to get people believing in themselves.
  •  What – I help people find the artist hidden inside themselves.


Tom Sheriff

  • Why – I give people strength.
  •  What – I help people find their mental and physical strength.


Jason Anderson

  • Why – I guide a community of people.
  •  What – I invest in people’s success.


Will Paton

  • Why – I want people to feel alive.
  •  What – I push the boundaries and challenge the limits of one’s self perception.


Jacob Galloway

  • Why – I motivate people to achieve things they didn’t realize were possible.
  •  What – I look to see what each person’s potential is in fitness and life.


Nathan Palmer

  • Why – I help people find and know and do what they truly love.
  •  What – I help people practice and perform better.