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Mythbuster 4: Pilates is too easy. Pilates is too hard.

Are you an athlete?  Physically active and fit?  Pilates, with its fluid, effortless-looking motions and low-resistance spring-loading, may seem like it won’t challenge you enough.  In actuality Pilates can require as much exertion and stamina as your regular workout routine, but will never leave you exhausted.

The difference is to use mindfulness to work smaller muscle groups that often get passed over for the big movers.  You will also need precision to work only the necessary muscles required to do the movement.  Pilates will fine tune the way you work your body, change bad habits from overworking/underworking muscles, and increase mobility and functionality of your joints so that you can continue in your other physical activities.  In addition, you’ll work your mental acuity by challenging the coordination of the movements of your body.  The holistic development of this coordination with fluidity and control is excellent cross-training that will influence how you approach your other activities as well as reduce your recovery time from them.

Are you just starting a workout routine?  Do you have injuries or other limitations that impede your movement and wellness?  Pilates is a low-impact system of exercise that is gentle enough to allow you to focus on exactly what you need without ever endangering your health or safety.  The use of only gravity or spring resistance allows you to challenge and work your body while in a state of support.  There are hundreds of ways to cater each exercise to your specific needs, as well as to continue to challenge as you get stronger.  A very important element of Pilates is that you will work your body without experiencing pain.  This is radically different from the “no pain, no gain” mentality you may be more familiar with.  In Pilates, pain is the body’s alarm-system that means “stop”!  But, it won’t stop you from still working hard under the guidance of your instructor, who will challenge you and make you feel at ease as you work!