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How to find a LMP when you’re traveling outside Seattle

If you will need bodywork while outside the Seattle area, the best way to find a recommendation is to ask your current LMP. Massage practitioners study and go to conferences all over the country and they might be able to give you a name.


If your LMP has no referral, head to the America Massage Therapist Association website https://www.amtamassage.org/

In the gray area of the upper left hand corner click “find a massage therapist.”


The AMTA is the massage industry’s professional association. They require a minimum number of hours of education, continuing education, and adherence to a code of ethics to be a member. Their standards help ensure you are getting a high-quality LMP.


There is also the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork: http://www.ncbtmb.org At their site on the lower left, go to “find a” then click “Therapist”. They have requirements as well.
Finally, try looking up full-service athletic clubs, like ours. They often work with professional and amateur athletes just like we do, and they may have a high-quality LMP in their club.