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Burn 400 Calories in 35 Minutes!

Bored with your cardio? Hitting a plateau in your weight loss? Try this interval cardio program to blast fat, prevent boredom and maximize your time in the gym!

Time Interval
0:00-5:00Begin with a jog @ 5.5mph for 5 min
5:00-5:40Leave treadmill running, hop off & do alternating reverse lunges for 40 sec
5:40-6:00Rest for 20 sec
6:00-7:00Hop back on treadmill and up your speed to at least 7.0 and run 1 min
7:00-7:40Hop off treadmill and perform alternating reverse lunges for 40 sec
7:40-7:20Rest for 20 sec
8:00-9:00Hop back on treadmill and run for 1 min
9:00-9:40Hop off treadmill and perform lateral squats (side to side) for 40 sec
9:40-10:00 Rest for 20 sec
10:00-11:00Hop back on treadmill and up your speed to 7.5 and run for 1 min
11:00-11:40Hop off treadmill and perform lateral squats for 40 sec
11:40-12:00Rest for 20 sec
12:00-13:00Hop back on treadmill and up your speed 8.0 for 1 min
13:00-13:30Hop off treadmill and perform jump squats for 30 Sec
13:30-14:00Rest for 30 sec
14:00-15:00Hop back on treadmill and up your run by .5+ and sprint for 1 min
15:00-20:00lower run and jog at 5.5+mph for 5 min
20:00-30:00reduce speed to 3.6-4.2 increase incline to 8%-12% for 10 min and hike with no holding on!!
30:00-35:00cool down! Lower incline to 0% and do a 5 min walk at 3.0


Make Changes that Lead to Success in the First 90 Days

Many gym goers fall out of exercising within their first 90 days of joining a gym or starting a new exercise routine. One of the biggest reasons people stop exercising is because they do not have a very structured workout and/or do not know where to start with their exercising. A new and very beneficial program offered here at the Seattle Athletic Club Downtown is called “The First 90 Days of Fitness”. It’s a structured introduction to fitness involving meeting with a nutritionist to get your diet analyzed in order to meet the demands of exercising; three consultations with fitness trainer where you get measurements and body fat taken and then training session. The Fitness trainers can also get set up on a structured workout program called ActivTrax.

If you are looking for a little more structure to your workout program, there is also our 12 week Evolve program; offering personal training twice a week, fitness assessments, 5 nutritional consultations, two RMR (resting metabolic rate) tests, a shopping trip to your favorite store, educational literature each week.

One of the club’s members, Chris Davidson, has been on this program and just completed his first 90 days of fitness. During his final assessment he was pleased to find out that he had lost 7.6 lbs of fat while gaining a considerable amount of muscle and strength. The major contributing factors to his fitness achievements were that he was at the SAC every day working out or playing racquetball; and that he exercised with a workout partner. This is just one of many success stories at the club. Fitness success is more attainable if you have a structured workout routine and with someone there to keep you accountable, whether it’s a Pilates instructor, personal trainer or workout partner.