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Ragnar Relay

SAC – Ragnar Relay Team Looking for Runners!

It is a CO-ED team of 12 crazy people running relay style from Blaine, WA to Langley on Whidbey Island, covering 200 miles of scenic terrain over a 24 hour + period in a race to cross the finish line.

July 14-15th 2017, North West Passage. Spots are first come first serve!

How does it work?

Each team member will participate in running 3 legs of the course, each of various distances in a rotation fashion. We have 2 large vans (rented), 6 people in each van and each member has a number. Van 1 begins with runner 1, followed by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc until Van 2 meets at check point to take over with runner 7, 8, 9, 10 etc. We continue to leap frog each other and cheer each other on as we continue towards the finish line in however amount of time we complete it!! Yes, you will get nap times in between!


There may be ONE longer distance in one of your legs, with shorter easier runs for the others. You will need to be able to run a minimum of 7-10 miles for your long run AND possess a great attitude!

Why you should do it?

You will have an amazing team bonding experience! You will run through beautiful landscape. You will have so much fun and MANY great stories! It’s an AMAZING challenge. Proceeds go toward ALS Association (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Check it out!

For cost and other information please contact Wellness Director and run coach, Kendra Kainz (

SAC Run Club

Are you interested in running?

Do you require motivation?

Are you looking to maintain your run conditioning?

Show up for a run club meet-up time! Running is a great way to lose weight and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Learn how motivation and fun a group camaraderie can be, as you explore various run routes around in and around the downtown! Organized runs are always outdoors, rain or shine, so dress accordingly for the weather!

You can also learn;

  • Pacing
  • Run Drills
  • Stretching
  • Gain support from a group of like-mind people


Weekly run schedule is: Wednesdays @ 5:15 – SAC Front Lobby / Sundays @ 9:00am (off location)

(Please inquire with Kendra Kainz for a run schedule or to be added to the email distribution list)


For more information or questions: please contact Kendra Kainz at

SAC – Ragnar Relay Team

July 15-16th, 2016 | Spots are first come first serve

What is the SAC Ragnar Relay Team?

It’s a co-ed team of 12 people, running relay style from Blaine, WA to Langley, WA. The team will complete 196 miles of scenic terrain over two days and one night, until the entire team crosses the finish line together!

How does it work?

One runner hits the road at a time. Each participant runs three times, with each leg ranging between 3-13 miles and varying in difficulty. Runners average about 17 total miles.

While one person runs, teammates are on support duty in their race vehicles. As each runner begins, the crew in the vehicle can drive ahead, cheer their runner on, and meet them at the exchange point to pick them up and drop off the next runner.


Some distance running experience is required. Don’t worry about speed or pace. We are more interested that you have a fun and positive attitude!

Why you should do it?

You will have an amazing team bonding experience.

Check it out!

For more information, please contact our Wellness Director and run coach, Kendra Kainz at

SAC Half & Full Marathon Training Programs

If planning on completing a half or full marathon this summer, this program is for you! Great training for; Seattle Rock n’ Roll, Snoqualmie Valley, Vancouver USA or another June/July race!

Starting now!

Looking to complete your first race, improve your time or keep your conditioning? These training programs will have you well-trained for your next half or full marathon. Get customized training plans, group training, learn proper hill training and speed work, and get helpful tips and techniques from clinics to help make you the most prepared for your event.

Full Marathon Training Plan

Whether this is your first race or you’re trying to qualify for Boston, this is a comprehensive training plan customized for you and your race. Program includes nutritional guidance, cross-training, hill training, pacing and hydration, pre and post-race evaluations, and informative online clinics.

The Half Marathon Training Plan

Great for first timers or veterans wanting to improve their time, this half marathon program is also customized to you and your race. Focus on distance and endurance, hills and speedwork, cross training and coached weekly group sessions, informative online clinics for half marathons.

Maintenance/Continual Run Conditioning Plan

No races planned but you want to keep your run conditioning going? Looking to maintain your weight? This is a great way to keep your stamina, speed, and endurance with a monthly periodization program.


For more information, please contact our Wellness Director and run coach, Kendra Kainz at

Inspirational Member of the Month: Ethan Kelly

Those of you who have spent any amount of time here in the early morning know Ethan Kelly.

He has been a dedicated member at the club, pretty much since it’s inception. He’s the guy who always has a smile on at 5 am and is front and center at 6:30- yoga, that is after he’s run a bazillion miles or taken a spin class!

Ethan has a special kind of cool, it’s that gentle, easy-going cool that rubs off on everyone in close proximity. He is super warm, super nice and super strong. He’s the kind of guy you want in your corner routing for you, which is why he has so many fans here at the club. His biggest fan is  his amazing wife, Connie Kelly. One of the many things I admire about Ethan is how loving and dedicated he is to Connie, a true gentleman.

The reason we nominated him this month is to highlight how inspiring he truly is. Ethan had a bout of really serious appendicitis a couple months ago. So serious in fact, that his dedication and athleticism was put to the test and it paid off in full. He spent a lengthy stay at the hospital and came out swing’n! After loosing a good deal of weight, Ethan got right back on that horse and started riding! By the time you are reading this, I’m sure he will be back at his normal healthy weight and training for some sort of marathon! That kind of ability, the ability to move ahead and embrace the present is rare and Ethan has it. I want to thank him for being part of my life and my community here at the Seattle Athletic Club. I know I speak for many of us when I say “We Love You, Ethan!”

November's Inspirational Member of the Month, Ethan Kelly
November’s Inspirational Member of the Month, Ethan Kelly


RECAP: SAC Members Triumph at Victoria Marathon & Snohomish River Run Half

Sunday October 11th 2015

GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon, Canada / Snohomish, WA


Sunday October 11th was a victorious day for several Seattle Club members who completed their first full marathon race in Victoria, Canada and half-marathon at the Snohomish River Run. After joining the marathon training program offered by Kendra Kainz, Wellness Director and Running Coach back in June, these members spent the last 12-16 weeks training and preparing both physically and mentally for the challenge ahead. The hard work paid off! Each had a successful race with great individual finishing times!

In Victoria, the SAC Team dominated the team category with a first place finish. The Seattle Athletic Club would like to acknowledge Thomas Blair, Jennifer Gallagher, Yesh Ganta, Shayla Mulvey, and Linda Perkins on their accomplishments. Special congrats to

Jennifer Gallagher on qualifying for the Boston Marathon and placing 10th in her age division!


We also congratulate Ryan Tennent and Karla Kucera-Clark on completing their first half-marathon (13.1 miles) with great finishing times! You’ve accomplished a lot!


Congratulations to all!

Coach Kendra



Oct_MARATHON_Image7 Oct_MARATHON_Image6 Oct_MARATHON_Image5 Oct_MARATHON_Image4 Oct_MARATHON_Image3 Oct_MARATHON_Image2 Oct_MARATHON_Image1IMOM_Nov15_JenniferG

Inspirational Member of the Month – Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer is one of those people that is an example how perseverance and determination can surmount any obstacle. As an athlete, runner with the SAC Run Club and regular participant in many of the club’s group exercise classes, Jennifer set a new goal for herself. She wanted to complete her first FULL marathon (26.2 miles) in October.

Before she had opportunity to begin her new journey, she unfortunately experienced a physical setback; incurring a lower leg stress fracture which confined her to a boot for many weeks. This only made her more determined to succeed. She followed all protocols to facilitate her healing and continued to find ways to keep exercising within her limitations. She worked with our instructors to help rehabilitate her back to her level of strength and endurance while maintaining a focus and positive outlook that is testament to Jennifer’s personality. She continued to work hard towards her goal, transitioning back to running. She took one day at a time, with fierce perseverance, grace and a competitive spirit that got her back to training.

And she came back with a vengeance! Once her training began, she became a stronger competitor, leader as well as a source of inspiration and encouragement for her teammates. She was consistent, precise, diligent and committed; qualities that enhanced her success. On October 11th 2015, Jennifer competed in the Goodlife Fitness Victoria, B. C. Marathon, her FIRST full marathon and did so with a phenomenal time! She not only qualified for the Boston Marathon, but placed 10th in her age division! We think she surpassed her goal!!

Congratulations Jennifer! Your perseverance is truly inspirational.




Keep Your Piriformis in Good Form.

The piriformis muscle lies deep to the gluteal muscles in the buttocks. It is an important lateral rotator, the position your leg is in while kicking a ball with your instep, and a essential stabilizer of the pelvis. Because of its importance in our mobilization and balance, it is not only used in vigorous exercise and sports, but also in activities such as getting up from a chair or walking. We are constantly putting demands on this muscle, yet because of the depth and location many are unaware they have a tight piriformis.

If this muscle remains tight it can irritate surrounding structures, such as nerves, which may result in pain. This pain can show up as low back pain, buttock pain, or pain running down the back of the leg. Other symptoms may include numbness, tingling, or a decrease in sensation in those areas.

Perpetuating factors include sitting for extended amounts of time and sitting with your legs crossed, quite common with the desk work and travel demands of todayʼs world. Climbing stairs, squatting, or running might exacerbate the discomfort our tight piriformis might be creating. This can be a frustrating cycle… we want to exercise because we sit all day… but when we sit all day, our tight piriformis might make certain exercises uncomfortable.

Talking with your personal trainer, massage therapist, yoga instructor, or another member of your self-care team, can help you build a great plan to keep your piriformis in good form. Static stretching, foam rolling, hydrotherapy, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release, are all great treatments for a tight muscles. Donʼt let your piriformis cause you to lose form, chat with your team and learn what you can do to help it!


The other day, I invited several friends to go for a run outside. The response I received was “Are you crazy? It’s COLD outside!” I guess that was a no. In fact, during the winter months, that is a typical response. My reply is always the same, “why would the cold weather stop one from continuing to run outside (certain medical issues excluded of course)?” If more people knew the tips and tricks of how to run in cold weather, they too would find that it’s an enjoyable experience to continue to do what you love! Here are a few things to consider for having a great cold weather run:

1. Motivation – Yes, motivation ceases in less than desirable weather. To keep your motivation strong, it’s always a good idea to make yourself accountable. Making plans to run with a friend or a running group will be your saving grace. When someone else is expecting you, it’s less likely you will bail on your run!
2. Winter Apparel – I say this all the time, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GEAR! Having key pieces of clothing to cover the body, is imperative to staying comfortable and warm during a cold day’s run. Fabric that is moisture wicking, wind or waterproof, have thermal lining or breath thermo technology is an advantage. Apparel has made major advancements over the last decade and it’s more than worth the money! Look for items made specifically for running, you want those specific features in the garment that assist run motion and enhance your cold weather run experience.
3. Layering – Keeping most of the exposed areas of the body covered is just as important as having the right gear. The less body surface area exposed, the more heat we preserve. Headwear that covers the head and ears is important because the head is 5 times more sensitive to changes in temperature. In extreme cold temperatures, consider a neck warmer or neck muff. Dress in layers, you can peel off a layer if you overheat. It’s typical to wear a base layer, insulating layer and outer layer during a cold weather run, however it really does depend on what is comfortable for the individual. Consider thermal running pants or tights; no need for bulky long johns.
Remember, you do need to move! Lastly, wear thicker run socks. They are likely to be moisture wicking and warmer. Remember, running shoes are made to release heat generated from the feet. You want your feet to stay warm as possible. If it’s particularly a snowy or rainy day; consider wearing a Gore-Tex upper running shoe. They not only warmer but waterproof. (Yes, people…they do exist!) Running gloves will be your best friend. Fingers and toes are the first to frostbite, so it’s essential that we make them as warm as possible. Gloves that have enough warmth, moisture wicking with texting fingers is important (that way you never need to remove them just before or after a run). You may want to layer your gloves with a liner inside a pair of thermal run gloves in extreme temperatures.
4. Do your Warm-up Exercises Inside – It’s best to do your warm-up indoor, enough to get the blood moving without a heavy sweat. That way, transitioning outside doesn’t feel so cool and you avoid injuries.
5. Think Maintenance Not Speed – winter or cold weather running is not about speed. Colder temperatures impact your pace per mile in several ways; the nervous system naturally reduces muscle contractions, therefore slowing pace. The body becomes less efficient in both fuel source and oxygen production, depleting your reserves quicker. It is also true, that more energy is required to maintain your core body temperature resulting is less energy available for performance. Don’t expect to be fast, the point is to maintain your conditioning.
6. Hydration – During the winter months, dehydration becomes a more serious risk. An increase of fluid loss occurs due to heating incoming respiration, an increase in urine production due to cold stress and sweating. It is more important to hydrate before, during and after a cold run.
7. Safety First – Most cold weather days are grey and cloudy. Be sure you are highly visible in reflective gear or bright colors. Run surfaces can become icy, slippery or snowy, therefore take precautions to slow down and sharpen your focus with each step to avoid falling. Know the signs of frostbite and hypothermia, just in case.
8. Check the Temperature – Let’s face it, if it’s greater than -10 degrees F, you don’t have to be a hero. Seek an alternative exercise such as indoor cross-training or treadmill/indoor track running.
For further information on the SAC Run Club or run coaching sessions, please contact Kendra Kainz, NSCA-CPT, RRCA Run Coach Certified, at .