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Introduction To Indoor Climbing

Have you ever been curious to learn how to climb, but didn’t know where to begin? The Seattle Athletic Club has partnered with Vertical World, America’s first indoor climbing gym, to offer SAC members the opportunity to learn the fundamentals needed to climb indoors.

This 2 hour class will teach the basics including:

  • Fitting the Harness
  • Tying the Figure 8 Knot
  • Proper Top-Rope Belaying Techniques

All equipment is included and a Free Two Week Membership!

Classes are available July– October

  • Every Mon/Wed at 6-8pm or Saturdays 10:30am-12:30pm
  • SAC Cost:  $35  (regularly $50)
  • Enter promo code: SACMEMBER at registration

This class is suitable for ages 14 and up.

Please visit: to register. Space is limited to 6 participants per class.

For more information, please contact Wellness Director, Kendra Kainz at or call 206-443-1111 x295.

Move Better, Live Better

Starts in June on Monday’s | 12:00 pm

Everyone has different obstacles with their bodies; many of the problems come from people not knowing how to utilize their bodies in the most effective ways during their workouts.
Working out without activating certain muscles leads the stronger muscles to get stronger and the weaker muscles to get weaker. This leads to compensation making our bodies get into a dysfunctional yet comfortable alignment which can be a hard cycle to break. The neurological connection between the brain and the muscles is crucial in effectively working out. Learn the tools to effectively move & exercise while using all areas of your body when working out.


What your weekly topical hour will look like:

  • Warm-up: Learn about the specific warm-ups with hands-on application
  • Workout: Cover 5 exercises with an explanation and hands-on demonstrated work
  • Stretches: Learn about the specific stretches with hands-on application
  • What this program will offer each participant:
  • Weekly topic handouts/infoHands-on demonstrations
  • Weekly body regions:
  • hips & legs
  • shoulders & arms
  • Individualized feedback
  • homework



  • $120 for the program (~4 sessions)

For more information or sign-up, please contact personal fitness trainer Amanda Heminger at

Inspirational Member of The Month: Claudia Downing

SDT_IMOM_CJ_1_April16 SDT_IMOM_CJ_2_April16


CJ has made going to the gym and working out part of her lifestyle.  CJ always bikes into the gym, where her routine calls for her to workout every 3 days; rain, shine, energy, no energy she is in here. It wasn’t until 3 years ago when CJ discovered that in order to see visible results and change her body, she would need to learn and incorporate the 5 basic strong lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, bent rows) into her routine. For CJ performing the proper form and technique for each lift was essential, as was doing it consistently and having the proper recovery period for her body. To that end, she lifts a combination of her 5 basic strong lifts every 3 days. This type of programming provided a great mental and physical challenge for CJ and by continually tweaking the program it kept her from getting bored while allowing her to continue seeing results in her strength and her body transformation. CJ had been on the program for some time when she finally reached a plateau and didn’t know how to move forward. She decided to go in and seek some advice from the SAC’s Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, who helped her make small adjustments to her routine and improved her diet a little. CJ has since lost 20lbs and 5.3% body fat, 1.25” in her hips, 1” in her waist and 1.75” in her thighs, all at age 60! Now with the occasional helpful instruction and support, CJ monitors her progress and make adjustments as needed. The results in how her body looks and feels have been exceptionally rewarding.  

CJ is a great example of how, at any age, taking control of your body and life can be simple.  For her it was creating a reasonable workout schedule (hit the gym every 3 days) and sticking with that schedule no matter what life throws at you, making small changes to her diet to fuel her workouts and watch what she ate when she wasn’t on a workout day, seeking some advice when needed on how to make her workout fresh again and working hard when she is at the gym. Congrats CJ for all you have accomplished with your health and fitness!

Summer Youth Yoga

Month of July:

  • Saturdays – 9th, 16th, 30th| 10:00 am |  $50/kid, (for drop-in special – email Melissa for more details)
  • Wednesdays –  6th, 13th, 20th, 27th | 1:00pm | $85/kid (for drop-in special – email Melissa for more details)

Why Summer Youth Yoga?

  •   Develops motor skills and coordination
  •   Increases strength, balance, and flexibility
  •   Enhance self-awareness and focus
  •   Reduces stress and provides methods for coping and self-soothing


Children ages 5+ are welcome.  All sessions are adapted to each child’s individual needs.  A minimum of 4 sign-ups are needed to run the class.

  • Please contact Melissa for more details on signing up. Accounts will be charged for late cancellations and no-shows.


For more information or sign-up, please contact personal fitness trainer Melissa Barasona at

Lose It! 2016 Recap

The Seattle Athletic Club just wrapped up another very successful 12 week weight loss competition for 2016. This year we had 17 participants looking to start healthy habits and begin their weight loss journey.  Of those that competed in the competition, 88% lost weight. Of those that lost weight, 60% lost over 5 lbs and the top finishers all lost over 25 lbs.

Speaking of top finishers, here is how the competition finished up:

  • 1st place: Mike, lost 15.66% of his body weight.
  • 2nd place: Jon Hocut, lost 15.30% of his body weight.
  • 3rd place: Pip McKay, lost 12.83% of his body weight.

We are proud of all the hard work and dedication from everyone that participated in our competition. Many of our participants had great things to say about their Lose It experience and how it helped them change their lives.

If you are looking to start a fitness program, please come see any of the fitness staff. Everyone at that Seattle Athletic Club is here to help and assist all members with any fitness endeavor. As you can see, you can be more successful using a structured program and network of people looking to help you out. So, when it comes to your next fitness adventure, talk to the professionals at the Seattle Athletic Club!

Functional Fitness

Wednesdays | 6:00 pm (Ongoing),

  • Ready for a new and exciting approach to achieving your fitness goals?
  • Tired of the same old boring routines?

Functional Fitness is a total body strength and conditioning class designed to challenge you in new and exciting ways.

Plan on using a wide variety of exercise equipment such as battle ropes, kettle bells, jump ropes, TRX, agility ladders, and the sled. The goal of this class is to improve your cardiovascular fitness and leave no muscle unchallenged while making you feel stronger and more confident so that you can tackle any obstacles that life might throw at you.

  • Begin building endurance and full body control!
  • Enjoy a new and innovative approach to functional circuit training!
  • Improve core strength and stability!
  • Burn fat and increase lean body mass!
  • HAVE FUN!!

Meet at the south end of the SAC basketball court at 6:00 PM every Wednesday night!

  • $100/month or $30 Drop-In

For more information, please contact or to sign-up please, contact Personal Fitness Trainer, Will Paton at or 206-443-1111 ext 288

Seattle Urban Squash Benefit Dinner



Friday, June 3rd 2016 at Ray’s Boathouse

This year, you may have noticed some young squash players in bright yellow t-shirts running around the courts or doing schoolwork in our lounge areas. These kids are members of Seattle Urban Squash, our official nonprofit partner. Seattle Urban Squash selects deserving students from underserved backgrounds and gives them access to a free program that combines squash, academic tutoring, and community service to help them succeed in school and in life.
Seattle Urban Squash is powered exclusively through donations by supportive community members such as yourself. They will be holding their annual gala dinner on June 3 at Ray’s Boathouse. This fun event will feature gourmet food, live music, and the chance to party it up with your fellow SAC members for a great cause. Help us support this organization and all that they do by purchasing a ticket today. All members are encouraged to attend and are most welcome.


Ticket purchases and more at:

Or send an email to:


Bicycling Fundamentals, Flat Repair and Maintenance Demo with Paul Boivin

May 2nd at 6:00 pm, Complimentary to Members.

Come to this informative talk and learn how to be a street savvy biker. This 60 min demo will cover:

  • Seattle biking rules
  • Seattle multi-use trail rules
  • Biking gear to wear for Seattle weather
  • Flat repair and bicycle maintenance demos
  • Biking do’s and don’ts to live by

For more information, please contact our Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, at

Know Your Numbers & Women’s Health Week

May 8th – 14th |  Complimentary

The 17th annual National Women’s Health Week kicks off on Mother’s Day, May 8, and is celebrated until May 14, 2016. The goal is to empower women to make their health a priority. The week also serves as a time to help women understand what steps they can take to improve their health.

All this week the SAC will have a table with information on women’s health issues, ideas on how women can stay fit and active at any age as well as an opportunity to participate in our Know Your Numbers program.

With this program all you need to do is take the Know Your Numbers card to your doctor and get your numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar. Bring that filled out card back to the SAC and have a complimentary meeting with one of our personal fitness trainers to review your numbers, what they mean, and how to stay healthy with those numbers.

For more information, please contact our Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, at

Teen Training

Sport specific workouts for your teen.

  • Are you looking to give your teen that high school or college advantage to make them the best player possible?
  • Do you ever worry about your teen’s workout habits?
  • Is weight training too much for their joints?
  • Should they be doing that much cardio?

Let our certified personal trainers work with your teen for 60 minutes twice a week giving them proper coaching for lifts, agility training, and sports specific movements. Your teen will be given a written manual which emphasizes the importance of flexibility, strength training, and speed/agility training.

  • $360 per teen for 4 weeks of instruction and training.
  • $220 per teen if you bring a friend with you (the rate if there are 2-3 teens in each workout)

For more information and to reserve a spot for your youth, please contact Fitness Director Jacob Galloway at