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New Class! Feldenkrais®: Improve Movement, Reduce Pain

 Friday morning, 9:15am-10:15am | Start date is June 24th

  • Reduce Muscle Aches
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Improve Posture and Balance
  • Recover from Injury
  • Enhance fitness
  • All levels welcome

The Feldenkrais Method® is based on principles of physics, biomechanics, and how the human nervous system adapts and develops. Specific exercises teach the body better ways to move, resulting in better posture, improved flexibility and balance, less pain, decreased stress, and an overall improved quality of life. This approach is highly complementary to any fitness program and is usually appropriate for all levels, ages, and abilities.


For more information about  Feldenkrais classes at the SAC, please contact our Group Fitness Director Anna Miller  at or 206-443-1111 ext 259.

Pilates Exercise of the Month: Scissors in the Air



Benefits: Strengthens the abdominals, increases spine flexibility, stretches the hamstrings and hip flexors.

 Starting Position: Lie down on mat and bring your legs up to a 90-degree angle, toes pointed.  Arms long by sides, palms down.

1.     Inhale; prepare the body and scoop abdominals inward.  Exhale; continue to lift your legs up to ceiling (toes to ceiling).  Inhale; bring the hands underneath the hips with fingertips pointed outward and the wrists supporting the back and hips.

2.     Exhale; scissor the legs; one leg moves over the head as the other leg moves toward the mat in the opposite direction. Switch legs and continue to scissor.  Keep the  hips and pelvis still as you move legs.

3.     Inhale; bring the legs back up over the hips (toes reach to ceiling).  Exhale; allow your back to roll down to the mat, slowly and carefully, one vertebra at a time.

4.  Complete 3-5 sets

 Head to Toe Checklist:

  • Do not roll onto the neck
  • Keep the elbows parallel to each other (or as close as possible) & cradle the pelvis with the hands
  • Keep torso rock solid as you scissor
  • Breathe fully and deeply to facilitate the scissor motion

Imagine the legs opening wide like a handheld fan, then closing and opening to the other side.

Member Parking Validation Privileges for the Summer.

Effective June 1, 2016, we will revert back to our Summer Parking hours and accommodations. Please note the major changes from our winter rates:

  • The duration of the validation period moves from 3.5 hours to 2.5 hours including weekends.
  • There is a small increase from $4 to $5 during the 10:00am-3:00pm timeframe.

Summer Parking Hours and Fees:

  •      Monday – Friday [ Open Period: free of charge. ]
  • 5:00am to 10:00am
  • 3:00pm to 10:30pm

Validation Period: [ 2.5 hours for $5.00. ]

  • 10:00am to 3:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday Limited Validation Period: first 2.5 hours free.

To help expedite leaving the garage, here are some suggestions.

  • Use exact change or credit card if payment is needed.
  • Validate your ticket on the way out of the club to help ensure proper magnetic coding.
  • Make sure you are inserting the ticket as directed in the diagrams.

As a reminder, our Parking Validation is provided so that our members can enjoy the clubs facilities and services. As such, the clubs validation usage is limited for use by members visiting and using the club. Misuse of the member validation privilege will be treated as a direct violation of club policy.

Buying a Road Bike 101

Presented by: Kat Reinhart of Gregg’s Cycle

June 21st, 2016 |  6:00pm
SAC front lobby

Road cycling is a great way to get fit, get outside, be social, see new places and meet new friends. However, purchasing a new road bike is a big investment and can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start. In this talk, we will cover everything from how to choose a shop; how to narrow down what type of road bike you’re looking for based on the type of riding you plan to do and your history with cycling and other activities; choosing between different brands, models, price points, and specs; how to decide what style of brakes, wheels, and tires are right for you; and go in depth into many of the sizing and fitting considerations to take in mind.
Presented by Kat Reinhart from Gregg’s Cycle, who has worked in the cycling industry for 4 years and has 8 years of urban and road cycling and racing experience, this presentation is for anyone who is interested in buying a new road bike, whether it’s your first road bike or you hope it will be your last, and no matter your budget or cycling experience.
Sign up at the front desk or contact Wellness Director: Kendra Kainz at to reserve at seat!

Tips for cooling down for the summer ahead from your SAC massages department.

*The application of cooling oils such as coconut, Brahmi (Gotu kola), or Mahanarayan. You can do this at home using the art of Abhyanga: self-massage or self-love.

*Adding a drop or two of peppermint or camphor to your oils or body lotions will also increase the cooling effects as well. I find that one drop of peppermint or spearmint on the back of my neck in the hot summer months cools me down a notch. Always do a patch test if you are applying any essential oils directly to your skin as some of us can have adverse reactions and some oils need to be diluted.

*Drinking more cooling liquids- not necessarily cold liquids, as cold liquids dampen the digestive fire from an ayurvedic perspective. Cooling liquids such as coconut water, cucumber water, or water with a little lime in it. There is a reason all those coconuts grow in hot tropical environments!

*When exercising outdoors, bring a neck cooling wrap such as a bandana that you can soak in ice water or even the lake! There are some funny jelly bead-filled neck wraps out there as well. They work wonders for keeping you in the game when it’s hot outside.

*Eating cooling foods! According to Ayurveda, sweet foods fall under the cooling category, Yayyyy! Ripe watermelon, cherries, cantaloupe, cucumber, pears, and mangoes soaked in a little water to remove the heat or urushiol, the chemical that naturally occurs in mangoes that some are allergic to. Avoid hot, spicy, and sour foods to keep your inner thermostat happy.

As always, we are happy to apply cooling oils and lotions to you here at the club as well!
Take care and stay cool!

Wellness Rewards

 June 1st – July 31st, 2016

The SAC culture believes Health and Wellness are an integral part of a full, balanced, and happy life. Our goal is to help you get there, one step at a time. To do this, we have to have an action plan, support, and feedback! We have created a Wellness Rewards program to help you slowly add small behavioral changes and challenges to help you form new and lasting habits

Points will be given in 3 categories: Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness. Earning points are as simple as eating a new type of vegetable or fruit, working out 60 minutes in a day, or getting 8 hours of sleep. Keep track of your points each week and we will keep a leaderboard of our Wellness Reward participants.

The top participant will win a Fitbit and all weekly point logs will be entered into a drawing to win a massage, personal training, Pilates, and swim lessons.


How to Participate:

  1. Sign up with the fitness director or at the front desk.
  2. Pick up your weekly points log.
  3. Earn points by doing various health and wellness activities each day. For every 300 points, you will receive 1 star.  For every 3,000 points, you will receive incentives.
  4. Turn your weekly point log in every Monday to be included in the overall Wellness Rewards’ star chart leaderboard.

At the end of the program, the person with the most stars will win!

5 – Each time you visit the club
10 – Do something fitness related with a friend
15 – Use a fitness APP or record your activity
20 – Try a new group exercise class
25 – 1-hour workout with a trainer, Pilates or swim instructor

5 – Eat breakfast
10 – Drink 8, 8-ounce glasses of water
15 – 4 servings of fruits and veggies (serving = 1 cup fruit and ½ cup veggie)
20 – Try a new recipe
25 – No coffee or soda

5 – Give someone a compliment
10 – Take the bus or bike for your tasks
15 – Get outside for 30 minutes and focus on calmness
20 – Unplug from technology for 1 hour
25 – Get 8 hours of sleep

For more information, please contact our Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, at

May Employee of the Month: Amanda Heminger

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Amanda Heminger for being the SAC’s employee of the month. When I interviewed Amanda last spring I saw a potential in her and told her how excited I was to bring her onto the SAC fitness team. I also told her that she has no idea how amazing of a trainer she is going to be with all of her knowledge, previous fitness job experiences and a true passion for helping people.
Amanda started at the SAC replacing one of our longest employed trainers Barbara, who decided to continue her career as a Wellness Director at a retirement community.  Now there is no way for anyone to fill Barbara’s shoes, but Amanda did take on a lot of Barbara’s clients, making their minds and bodies healthier. Currently, you will see Amanda work with Mr. Marshall three times a week, holding his arm as he goes from the lobby to the Cybex room, and as they do their 30-minute workout you will also see Mr. Marshall’s beaming smile as he gets his fitness on.
Amanda’s gifts have also been discovered by new and veteran members alike, who have sought out her skill in preparing their body for movement, giving it a dynamic and challenging workout followed by a proper cool down and recovery. One current client who came to Amanda with chronic sciatic-type pain and lumbar pain summed up her experiences with Amanda perfectly:

“Amanda is literally changing my life. Each week she evaluates my movement and strength and gives me a direction to continually correct and strengthen. She always challenges me with just the right degree of challenge, never underestimates me, and celebrates as much as I do when my body cooperates! I am learning so much about how to use my body correctly and mindfully, and I’m doing movements I never thought I could do.”

Amanda gives off such a great energy to anyone she meets at the club (even at 5 am when she starts work) and you can tell that she is here to truly help our members, whether it’s through showing someone how to warm up and stretch properly, helping someone with their workout program, or just taking 10 minutes to have a conversation with someone sitting in the lobby or café.
I meet with all of our fitness staff to determine what their passion and desire for fitness is or, as we call it, their “Why.”  Amanda’s was this: “I want people to love how they feel from the inside out; lead them towards improvements in life by sharing the gifts of fitness while creating relationships.” I feel that she embodies these statements in everyone that she meets or interacts with; I cannot wait to see the talent she continues to bring to everyone at the SAC and witness all the lives she will continue to change.

Men’s Health Week & Know Your Numbers

June 13th – 19th | Complimentary to members

The National Men’s Health Week kicks off June 13th and is celebrated until June 19th.  Take action to be healthy and safe, and encourage men and boys in your life to make their health a priority. Learn about steps men can take each day to improve health.

All this week the SAC will have a table with information on men’s health issues, ideas on how men can stay fit and active at any age as well as an opportunity to participate in our Know Your Numbers program.

With this program all you need to do is take the Know Your Numbers card to your doctor and get your numbers: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Levels, and Blood Sugar. Bring that filled out card back to the SAC and have a complimentary meeting with one of our personal fitness trainers to review your numbers, what they mean and how to stay healthy with those numbers.

For more information, please contact our Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, at

Seattle Feline Rescue Fundraiser

Month of June

Support a local non-profit, no-kill rescue which takes in homeless cats and kittens, and finds them good homes.

Kitten season is upon us and there is a large need for supplies and toys.

Seattle Feline Rescue:

  • Specializes in saving the lives of homeless cats and kittens
  • Found loving homes for 987 kitties last year!
  • Takes in animals from shelters who cannot find them homes, and from owners who can no longer keep them
  • Has a special campaign for “less adoptable” cats
  • Have 80 active volunteers and a network of foster families

Their mission: to save the lives of homeless, neglected and at-risk cats and kittens by spaying and neutering, by providing a refuge and rehabilitation, and by finding felines permanent, stable homes.
During the busy kitten months the Feline Rescue is in need of these items:

  • Canned food: helps give kitties pills and also is given to sick kitties
  • Cat toys wider than 1.75 inches like ping pong balls (so they don’t fall through the openings in the enclosure).
  • New kitten supplies: kitten bottles, scales, formula.
  • Cleaning supplies: ziplock bags, dawn dish soap, garbage bags, etc.
  • Monetary donations are used to find felines permanent, stable homes.

Here’s a link to the full wish list:

Feline rescue is a 501c3 non-profit and can issue a tax receipt for cash or check donations (if you provide your name and contact info with the donation)

For more information, please contact our Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, at