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Inspirational Member of the Month!

The Seattle Athletic Club is thrilled to announce that our Inspirational Member of the Month is Jamie Osbourne.
I’m certain you have seen Jamie working out in the club; he is here nearly every morning and utilizes every square inch of the club including the weight room, cardio room, the Pilates Studio, Cybex room, and the stretching area. He loves to share his amazing journey of struggle and triumph, and here is a peek into his recovery process from a devastating cycling accident in 2007 and his incredible climb to where he is today.

Inspirational Member Of The Month: Aditya Pande



Aditya Pande came to Teresa Nelson and TN Multisports in December of 2015 being inspired by a local co-worker who we had helped complete Ironman Chattanooga. He wanted to do the same and quickly joined Seattle Athletic Club to work on his swimming.

At Aditya’s first lesson he was unable to make it from the wall to the flags (5 yards).  We called upon our super patient and technique driven instructor Nathan Palmer to help him out.  Aditya and Nathan met two to three times a week covering breathing techniques, floating, and eventually the full swim stroke. With learning anything new, he had good days and not so good days, but he stuck with it believing in his plan.

Aditya, also, was new to biking, having ridden a bike before, but still needed to learn clipping in and out, bike handling, and basic skills associated with riding on the road. He participated in our Lake Chelan bike camp in April, and several group rides throughout the year to conquer these skills. He learned to love riding!

Several months passed and although Aditya could swim we still had to conquer the swim in the lake and with a wetsuit.  Aditya began doing lessons in the open water, meeting with triathlon coaches Mark Webb and Dustin Gilbert, both avid SAC go-ers as well.  Although hesitant, he and Coach Teresa decided it was time to pull the plug and signed up for his first super-sprint triathlon at Lake Meridian.

Race day came and the gun went off for his 400-yard swim and panic set in.  He hung onto a kayak as several minutes passed. Nathan went to the race and with a little help from kayakers, they were able to encourage Aditya put his head down and get the swim done. He completed the three disciples of swim, bike and run in a little over 2 hours!

Three weeks later we decided to try another triathlon after a few more open water swims. His event was at Lake Stevens. This time, he finished the swim portion in half the time of his previous race and dropped 30 minutes off his previous race time. (Click here for the video)

Aditya refused to give up, showed up and made things happen day after day and week after week, for nearly a year!!!  You can learn a lot from this guy. You will continue to find Aditya in the pool perfecting his stroke, running to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and biking as he trains for his third major triathlon in California, the  Oceanside 70.3 in April 2017 which is quickly approaching!!!

Dustin, Mark, Nathan, Teresa and a team full of athletes were so excited to see Aditya achieve his goals. His commitment to the process is undeniably the reason for his success.  We are very proud of all Aditya has accomplished and wished him the best of luck as he continues to accomplish more and more!



Inspirational Member of the Month is Jamie Osbourne

The Seattle Athletic Club is thrilled to announce that our Inspirational Member of the Month is Jamie Osbourne!  I’m certain you have seen Jamie working out in the club; he is here nearly every morning and utilizes every square inch of the club including the weight room, cardio room, the Pilates Studio, Cybex room, and the stretching area.  He loves to share his amazing journey of struggle and triumph, and here is a peek into his recovery process from a devastating cycling accident in 2007 and his incredible climb to where he is today.

1) Jamie, we see you here each and every day! What inspires you to workout every day?

a) To rebuild strength, balance and posture which have all been compromised by paralysis and other residual deficits due to a bad road cycling accident in 2007 rendering me quadriplegic b) Working out produces endorphins which by far are the best pain killer of anything I take c) Community – it’s great for my mental health to see friends, familiar faces, and other like-minded folks committed to exercise and fitness d) Energy – it’s a great way to start the day e) Most importantly, although progress comes very slowly, I always have goals, and over the last 6+ years since rejoining the club have made significant improvements in many areas that have allowed me to go places physically I never thought possible in 2007 when I was injured. Btw, my doctors are very intrigued by my continued progress, which for spinal cord injury was generally understood to flat-line after 1-2 years. I’ve had more recovery in the last 6 years since rejoining the SAC than I did in the first 3 years by many fold!


2) We know you are facing some incredible physical challenges.  What advice would you offer to those facing any physical obstacle?

a) Have goals of some kind, achievable goals that you can build on, produce small victories that will accumulate over time and become bigger victories. Perhaps a goal is just getting yourself to the club, and do some stretches. Check off a goal and move on to the next, and reward yourself in some meaningful way. b) Consistency – it doesn’t have to be 5-6 days/wk but do it on some consistent frequency and the gains will come. c) Work to overcome fear, which our bodies often do to protect ourselves when injured. At some point that fear becomes an impediment. One of the best pieces of advice I received at the club was “Jamie, you need to learn to trust yourself.” It changed everything in my recovery. c) Visualize. I picture in my head in great detail the next goal I want to accomplish. I sometimes think of myself as a movie maker – actor, writer, producer, director. Every time I do this for some big goal I want to accomplish it has come true. d) Make the best of it. Focus on the things you can do, not what you can’t or used to do. I spent way too much time in the first couple of years stuck in the past, and having difficulty coming to grips with a new reality. As a famous football coach once said, “play the hand you are dealt.” e) Be willing to try new things, and don’t get discouraged or stop doing something because everyone else can and you can’t. I’ve tried many different things where I struggled mightily. Instead of giving up and saying I can’t do this, I viewed it as a challenge. What I do when I first start something new with difficulty is to view my starting point as a baseline “I’ve found my baseline” I’ll often say and build from there. Weights, Machines, Bands, Pilates, Barre,Yoga and pushing the sled are all exercises I’ve struggled with initially but gained much from.


3) What have been your greatest recent accomplishments?  (I heard there was a recent ride around Mercer Island?!)

a) Being able to live independently with little/no accommodation with exception of using trekking poles for walking longer distances. b) Most recently, I’ve cycled around MI 3X in the last 2 months, each time without stopping and each time after I’ve worked out Sunday mornings after 2.5hrs in the gym, including Shari’s spin class. It helps loosen me up. c) In 2015 I rowed in an 8man crew shell at my alma matter in Ithaca NY. d) I was able to hit golf balls on the driving range, even make reasonable contact without falling down d) I hit my best results in average wattage on the spin bike for 60 minutes e) I took several ski runs at the base of Backcomb last Christmas (on the green run!).

Of course all of these efforts are very painful which is why I don’t do them on a regular basis. There is always a price to pay in anything I do. When I do though I feel so alive!


Please help us in congratulating Jamie on his nomination for Seattle Athletic Clubs’ Inspirational Member of the Month!


Inspirational Member of the Month: Aisha Martin

Aisha Martin pic_Final



Please join Seattle Athletic Club in congratulating Aisha Martin for Inspirational Member of the Month.  Aisha is being recognized for her dedication to fitness and the Seattle Athletic Club. Her positive energy combined with her passion for staying fit inspired her to create a program at her company, Horizon Realty Advisors, called Healthy with Horizon.  With over 300 employees across 8 states, her goal was to motivate and support team members towards a healthy lifestyle.  Her philosophy, “I believe that an office that works out together stays together!”  Aisha runs monthly contests to get people involved and excited about fitness. Last year she started Fitness Fridays where she encouraged the office to join the noon Interval Training class.  That evolved into group workouts most days of the week, some of which are in the mornings playing basketball and some during the lunch hour.  SAC loves to see the Healthy for Horizon team jump in and work out together.  They work hard together, sweat together and they have fun together!!  Aisha said, “Having a workout buddy encourages people to go more often than going alone.  I love it!  Plus, we have no excuse with the gym right across the street.”

Aisha’s passion for fitness took off in high school when she started to take dance seriously.  She did jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, modern, theater, she took it all and loved it! After high school, she became an instructor and taught Zumba, Boot Camp, Cardio Groove ’n Tone (dance aerobics), and Dance Fun and Fitness (children’s dance class).  Aisha said, “I believe when you live a healthy lifestyle it pushes positivity into all aspects of life. I feel better when I eat healthy and workout; I am happier and have more energy.”  Her current fitness goals include recruiting more people from her office to work out at SAC, increase her weight selection in BODYPUMP, and she wants to lose the last few pounds she gained after having her son.

Thank you for your inspiration Aisha!!

Inspirational Member of The Month: Katrina Harvie-Watt

This month’s member spotlight is shining brightly on member Katrina Harvie-Watt. This extremely devoted and motivated member has been a part of the SAC since 1999! Katrina has trained with at least 5 different SAC training staff and currently trains with PFT Adriana Brown 3 times a week! Since beginning with Adriana in November of 2014 Katrina has increased her fitness levels substantially. Always a steadfast fitness enthusiast, Katrina can be sighted almost every day enjoying the weight room and cardio room. What stands out is that in the past few years Katrina dedication to her fitness has stepped up, she has been working harder and smarter; allowing her to see and feel better results.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Katrina started training with Adriana’s Gymnastics Rings Class on Monday mornings, something way outside Katrina’s comfort zone and unlike anything she’s ever done. However, she met the challenge head on and since starting with no experience and a small amount of gymnastics strength, Katrina has improved tenfold. She is now making significant progress with many advanced ring exercises. Conquering her fear of going upside down, she is now skillful at inversions, lockouts, as well as the lower push-up positions. In rings class alone, she has made more improvements than any of us could have imagined.

Couple those successes with an increased level in strength and skill in her lifting (training 2 days a week in Adriana’s Progressive Athlete Classes) and int the past 3.5 months she has also lost 10+ lbs. Katrina looks AMAZING, feels great, is very strong, has increased her skill, become more efficient, and is doing things she never thought possible. Katrina comes into every workout with a positive attitude, the will to succeed, and the utmost effort. Katrina’s devotion to her nutrition has granted her constant success with her body transformation.

Katrina is absolute proof that with a little bit of guts and desire you can get to any goal you set for yourself.

Thank you so much, Katrina, for showing us all that hard work really does pay off!


Inspirational Member of The Month: Claudia Downing

SDT_IMOM_CJ_1_April16 SDT_IMOM_CJ_2_April16


CJ has made going to the gym and working out part of her lifestyle.  CJ always bikes into the gym, where her routine calls for her to workout every 3 days; rain, shine, energy, no energy she is in here. It wasn’t until 3 years ago when CJ discovered that in order to see visible results and change her body, she would need to learn and incorporate the 5 basic strong lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, bent rows) into her routine. For CJ performing the proper form and technique for each lift was essential, as was doing it consistently and having the proper recovery period for her body. To that end, she lifts a combination of her 5 basic strong lifts every 3 days. This type of programming provided a great mental and physical challenge for CJ and by continually tweaking the program it kept her from getting bored while allowing her to continue seeing results in her strength and her body transformation. CJ had been on the program for some time when she finally reached a plateau and didn’t know how to move forward. She decided to go in and seek some advice from the SAC’s Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, who helped her make small adjustments to her routine and improved her diet a little. CJ has since lost 20lbs and 5.3% body fat, 1.25” in her hips, 1” in her waist and 1.75” in her thighs, all at age 60! Now with the occasional helpful instruction and support, CJ monitors her progress and make adjustments as needed. The results in how her body looks and feels have been exceptionally rewarding.  

CJ is a great example of how, at any age, taking control of your body and life can be simple.  For her it was creating a reasonable workout schedule (hit the gym every 3 days) and sticking with that schedule no matter what life throws at you, making small changes to her diet to fuel her workouts and watch what she ate when she wasn’t on a workout day, seeking some advice when needed on how to make her workout fresh again and working hard when she is at the gym. Congrats CJ for all you have accomplished with your health and fitness!

Inspirational Member(s) of the Month! Mike and Louanne Dempsey

By, Jessie Jo Egersett LMP

If you are ever at the club during peak evening hours, chances are you have met Mike and Louanne, Lou as she is so fondly refer to by her hubby. They are a most vibrant couple with two beautiful and outgoing children; Shay, 4 and Langley, 2. Mike and Louanne have been members at the club for a more a decade and it has been such a pleasure to see their adorable family blossom.

I first met Mike, whom was a member before he was joined in marital bliss. He would workout regularly as his office used to be across the street. As a competitive water polo player, I would see Mike in the pool, lifting weights and using the various cardio apparatus’s. His workouts were always geared at playing a better game. I got a kick out of that, since water polo would have you utilizing so many different parts in so many ways! Mike would travel for games; set aside time to prep for games, plan his workouts and self-care around games. Mike’s consistency never lapses, even with injury, He has been a consistent happy force here, Mike maintains a steady and positive outlook on life and it is contagious!

When Mike got serious about Lou, boy…did it show! It was the cutest darn thing you ever did see. When I met her for the first time, it was so clear that they were going to be like the Olympic mountain range, solid. The greatest parents on the planet, and super fun to boot!

I have watched them settle into living together and adding little tater tots to the clan- Shay came first. Boy, oh boy! That is a serious intro into the wild world of little boys! He is about the life of any party. He is currently in pre-k and loving it. Then Langley arrived, a sweet and well mannered princess. They both swim in the pool here at the SAC with another addition to their clan, Chloe. Chloe saved the day when she arrived to be the Au Pair. She too, has become a regular here at the club both in and out of the pool with the kiddo’s.

After Langley was born Mike and Lou decided to take on the “Loose It Challenge” that the club has at the New Year. Those two went head to head- it was so adorable to see a couple one-up each other every day! I was glad to see that after all was said and done, Louanne won! She was the happiest massage winner I have seen to this day! These two always make time for self care- and quality time with one another. They are a beautiful model of a loving and healthy couple and share those values with their children.


When we came to the decision to nominate them as a couple, Melodie Hewitt wanted to write about Louanne and we decided to proceed with a Q & A:
Melodie, what was it like getting to know Louanne? 

I first met Louanne and Mike when they were still pregnant with Langley. I remember being very inspired by her because of her dedication to health and wellness. Even when she was 8 or 9 months pregnant I would still see her in the weight room every day. I noticed her commitment to health and wellness. She works full time and is a busy mother of two but she still makes time to get her workout in and take time for herself. I think she is such a great example of someone that really values health and wellness and makes sure to create time for it.

 What would you say that Louanne brings to our community?

Louanne is such a great part of this community. She has really integrated her whole family into the club. The whole family has really become a staple of the club, and I know that Louanne and her family bring a lot of joy to the members and staff. Louanne is incredibly kind and genuine and it shines through in all her interactions

What is the most inspiring thing she has done/said?

I’m very inspired by how genuine and authentic she is. Getting to chat with her and her family is a really great part of my day!

I will say that Mike and Lou have become much more than members, they are friends. I know I speak for many of us here when I say that I am so grateful for them, sharing their lives with us. Thank You Mike and Lou for being the perfect you’s that you are!

Inspirational Member of the Month: Betsy Lieberman

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For those who do not know Betsy, she is my inspiration. She is one of those people who exemplifies perseverance and determination, proving that with heart and soul you can surmount any obstacle.

Betsy has been a dedicated member of the club since its inception in 1982. However, she admits to leaving the club for a short sprint, temporarily joining a gym closer to her home. Not long after this change, her husband observed that she wasn’t happy and encouraged her to rejoin the Seattle Athletic club, which welcomed her with open arms. She has been hitting the pool ever since.

In our chat, Betsy told me that she truly loves everything here: the employees, the members, the atmosphere; she loves it all! She even has a small group of ladies whom she has become quite fond of and looks forward to their gatherings.

When I first met Betsy, we bonded over a crowbar, a jammed locker, and a very educationally stimulating conversation about honey bees. Through the years, I have come to learn that Betsy has a special way about her: a gentle strength, an easy-going demeanor, and a determined heart of gold. I have also come to learn about all the incredible honors and awards that she has earned for her courageous, selfless acts in the non-profit world. From AIDS awareness, safe housing, low income, and affordable health care to homelessness, she is a legend within the Seattle-Pike Place Market area.

When I think of Mrs. Betsy Lieberman, I don’t think about the fact that she suffers from Arthritis, I think about a woman who goes to the gym 3-5 times a week without fail, who follows her swim regimen with dedication (preferably during Kelli Zappert’s Water Aerobics class so that she can take advantage of some good ol’ fashioned Beatles tunes), and always has a smile on her face. When I think of Mrs. Betsy Lieberman, I think of the woman who has set out to conquer the world’s concerns and I think WOW, what an inspiration. I, for one, am honored to know her.

Inspirational Member of the Month: Ethan Kelly

Those of you who have spent any amount of time here in the early morning know Ethan Kelly.

He has been a dedicated member at the club, pretty much since it’s inception. He’s the guy who always has a smile on at 5 am and is front and center at 6:30- yoga, that is after he’s run a bazillion miles or taken a spin class!

Ethan has a special kind of cool, it’s that gentle, easy-going cool that rubs off on everyone in close proximity. He is super warm, super nice and super strong. He’s the kind of guy you want in your corner routing for you, which is why he has so many fans here at the club. His biggest fan is  his amazing wife, Connie Kelly. One of the many things I admire about Ethan is how loving and dedicated he is to Connie, a true gentleman.

The reason we nominated him this month is to highlight how inspiring he truly is. Ethan had a bout of really serious appendicitis a couple months ago. So serious in fact, that his dedication and athleticism was put to the test and it paid off in full. He spent a lengthy stay at the hospital and came out swing’n! After loosing a good deal of weight, Ethan got right back on that horse and started riding! By the time you are reading this, I’m sure he will be back at his normal healthy weight and training for some sort of marathon! That kind of ability, the ability to move ahead and embrace the present is rare and Ethan has it. I want to thank him for being part of my life and my community here at the Seattle Athletic Club. I know I speak for many of us when I say “We Love You, Ethan!”

November's Inspirational Member of the Month, Ethan Kelly
November’s Inspirational Member of the Month, Ethan Kelly


Inspirational Member of the Month – Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer is one of those people that is an example how perseverance and determination can surmount any obstacle. As an athlete, runner with the SAC Run Club and regular participant in many of the club’s group exercise classes, Jennifer set a new goal for herself. She wanted to complete her first FULL marathon (26.2 miles) in October.

Before she had opportunity to begin her new journey, she unfortunately experienced a physical setback; incurring a lower leg stress fracture which confined her to a boot for many weeks. This only made her more determined to succeed. She followed all protocols to facilitate her healing and continued to find ways to keep exercising within her limitations. She worked with our instructors to help rehabilitate her back to her level of strength and endurance while maintaining a focus and positive outlook that is testament to Jennifer’s personality. She continued to work hard towards her goal, transitioning back to running. She took one day at a time, with fierce perseverance, grace and a competitive spirit that got her back to training.

And she came back with a vengeance! Once her training began, she became a stronger competitor, leader as well as a source of inspiration and encouragement for her teammates. She was consistent, precise, diligent and committed; qualities that enhanced her success. On October 11th 2015, Jennifer competed in the Goodlife Fitness Victoria, B. C. Marathon, her FIRST full marathon and did so with a phenomenal time! She not only qualified for the Boston Marathon, but placed 10th in her age division! We think she surpassed her goal!!

Congratulations Jennifer! Your perseverance is truly inspirational.