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Inspiration Member of The Year: Hazel Singer

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Hazel Singer

Hazel is such an inspirational person, throughout our time together she has motivated me in ways that she most likely doesn’t know. When I first met with Hazel I was taken aback. She came to me with an array of physical hurdles that most people would have used as an excuse to stay at home and as far from the gym as possible. Yet there she was! Not only was she ready to train, she was well informed and eager to find ways to stay active despite her surgeries and other physical ailments.

When I think of Hazel I don’t think about the fact that she has had a hip replacement, a knee replacement, bilateral retracted rotator cuffs, collapsed bones in one foot as well as scoliosis. No, I think about a woman who goes to the gym 5 days a week without fail, who follows her workout regimen religiously and always has a smile on her face about it. Working with her has taught me to not only question the limitations that I have put on myself but also to question the limitations I put on others.

When I asked Hazel what motivates her and she said she loves the gym culture, the people she sees every morning and knowing that she has control of that aspect of her life. I can honestly say that I didn’t expect Hazel to have progressed as quickly as she did, but her confidence and persistence encouraged me to push her harder. Hazel went from using a cane and the hand rail when going up and down the stairs when we first met to walking confidently without any assistance and this is due to her own will to overcome any hurdle thrown her way.

Hazel is always challenging herself in ways most won’t even dream of. Whether it is her pushing the prowler, doing rope throws or killing the high intensity interval circuits on the elliptical, Hazel is sure to be giving 110%. On days when I want to give myself an excuse to slack I think if Hazel and am reminded that I can make the most out of where I am and that I am the only person n my way.

Inspirational Member of the Year: Lulu Chou

Lulu Chou is much more than an inspirational member; she is a role model. She has earned the trust and respect from members, club staff and fellow squash players for years. Lulu originally started playing squash around 1998 and it’s never been the same since.

Working her way up through the ranks, Lulu has persevered through challengers of any rank or gender. She has helped lead the Ladies Howe Cup team, rallying the troops, creating costumes and showing support for all players, new and old wherever she goes.

As a testament to her passion for the sport, after being out of commission due to surgery last year, she still managed to travel to Vancouver for the Sun and Surf tournament to support the Seattle Squash community. By January, five months after having her surgery and barely being able to walk, Lulu was the runner up in the Ladies A Division. In her own words, “I am a happy runner-up in the ladies draw. Not too shabby. 5 months post-surgery.”

She has shown that regardless of setbacks and challenges, anything is possible with a drive and a passion worth fighting for.