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Congratulations Patti Doss!

Seattle Athletic Club’s Employee of the Month for April

Patti joined Seattle Athletic Club’s Facility team in 2016 with years of experience with the Seattle Art Museum. In twelve short months, she has blown us away with her dedication and attention to detail. Patti is a great team player.  She is super organized,  and she solves issues creatively and swiftly with her can-do-anything attitude .

With the challenges and complexities of such a huge and active club, her positive attitude and constant energy and enthusiasm for problem solving is inspiring. It’s obvious to us that Patti has an inner drive to continue to keep the club a safe and inviting place to be for all our members and staff.


Congratulations Kelvin Davis!

Seattle Athletic Club’s Employee of the Month for March

 Kelvin lights up the club with his infectious smile and his genuine curiosity of our members and staff’s well-being.  

His willingness to go above and beyond is admirable, and explains why he’s received this recognition to be employee of the month.  He has no reservations when it comes to bettering the Club; helping his fellow team members, staying extra to work a different department, or of course making sincere friendships with our members.

His recent roll as a sports desk agent has now grown into the Sports Desk Manager

Please help us congratulate him on this accomplishment and celebrate him as the Employee of the Month.  



September Employee of the Month: Carmen Pieske




Although Carmen is a recent addition to our team she instantaneously became an invaluable member of our staff. She has quickly earned the trust and respect of all her co-workers. There is nothing that she would not take on if asked.  Carmen jumped into her new position as Director of Membership with both feet and made the transition into her new role appear seamless. She is always eager to step up and help out wherever she can and brings a ton of positive energy to our administrative office.

Employee of the month for July: Marcus Elie




Marcus brings his southern kindness from Louisiana to the Seattle Athletic Club every day graciously. It’s obvious to our team members and club members that Marcus genuinely cares about everyone around him and consistently takes the time to go above and beyond to help out. With his warm and personable nature, Marcus puts the needs of others first. Marcus is professional, calm even when under pressure, and always polite.  He is also extremely flexible with his time and schedule to ensure the front desk is covered and members are cared for.


Employee of the Month for June: Jay Velasquez



Everyone knows Jay Velasquez! He is one our front desk superstars, but to the club,  he is more than that. To be greeted by Jay is to receive a warm smile, hearty hello, and to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Jay’s energy and enthusiasm is put into everything he does. He’s upbeat and exudes positive energy.

Jay exemplifies a willingness to take initiative, going above and beyond what is needed. He knows what needs to be done and he steps up wherever he is needed. He is a true team player and leader. He is relied upon because whatever is required,  will be completed efficiently and above expectations.

He is organized, always professional, self-motivated and knowledgeable. He handles high-stress situations with absolute professionalism.                                                                                 

Congratulation Jay on being Employee Of  The Month!

We are very fortunate to have you as a team member!

January Employee of the Month: Bob Hunt

SDT_EOM_Jan2016_BobBob has been a great addition to the Aquatic Staff at SAC. The members’ comments speak for themselves:

“Bob is a truly great coach. He motivates you to really push yourself through thoughtful encouragement and positivity.” –Kevin Tabari

“He takes interest in everybody’s swim times and pushes us to do our best. I’m always amazed as to how he keeps track of each of our times. He puts time and effort into each workout and always has a smile on his face.” -Natalie Swistak

What I appreciate about Bob is that when I’m suffering through a swim workout, every once in awhile, when I come up for a breath, there he is on the deck, shouting encouragement.” –Chris Evans

“Bob is enthusiastic and a great motivator. His workouts are tough but he encourages you along the way.  It’s always fun having Bob as a coach!” –George Morales

“Bob is awesome. His energy is contagious and he always gets all your splits. Not sure how he does it but he does. There are always some 100’s all out, which I hate at the time, but feel good about on the drive home. Thanks, Bob.” –Dustin Gilbert

“Bob is motivating, knowledgeable in technique and training and always shows up prepared. More important than these things is he demonstrates that he really cares about swimming, the club, and each person in the pool. This makes me work out harder, drag myself to practices I would usually miss, and truly enjoy the time I am there with him.” –Stefan Wynn

“Bob has proven that swimming can be fun, really fun, no matter how committed or experienced you might be. He has a rare ability to make members at all levels of ability feel welcomed in a swim class and gets to know them personally. It’s hard not to feel enthusiastic about becoming a better swimmer around someone who is so personable and energetic. Whether it’s improvement in technique, strength and/or endurance, Bob knows how to get you there.” –Larry Jacobson

“Bob has always stepped up to the plate to help out the staff and members. Because of his knowledge, accountability, and eagerness, I never have any concerns with Bob. I know everyone will be taken care of. He is always giving 100%!” –Teresa Nelson


Employee of the Month: Christin Call

Please congratulate Christin Call for being nominated Employee of the Month.

Christin consistently goes above and beyond when it comes to teaching Pilates. Her positive energy and enthusiasm for teaching are reflected in the outstanding classes she teaches and her passion shines through every time.

As a strong leader in the Pilates Department, Christin is a true professional in every aspect of the word. She is dedicated to teaching, having fun, and most importantly, listening to the members every time they step into the room.

Christin’s clients couldn’t wait to share with me some of their thoughts about her:

“I continue to be amazed at how effortlessly she is able to conduct my duet studio session to focus on the separate needs and interest of both myself and my Pilates-mate.” (TI)

“The instruction received from Christin will affect me positively throughout my lifetime.” (MN)

“ her presence I’m reminded to make a deeper effort, stretch a little further, and feel stimulated to work better to stay in good health, mentally and physically.” (AL)

“Christin works at her client’s level but adds in nuances to make the workout challenging. We are lucky to have her as part of the SAC team!” (PB)

We couldn’t agree more! Thank you Christin for all you do!

Christin Call, Employee of the Month, November 2015.
Christin Call, Employee of the Month, November 2015.

Mark Magdaong Seattle Athletic Club’s Employee of the Month for October!

Mark has been with us at the Sports Desk for less than a year, but in that time, he has made such an impact on members and coworkers alike.


One of the many comments we receive from members about Mark is that he genuinely cares and will go above and beyond what is expected of him. Every morning, he always has a smile on his face and is ready to assist members with their questions. Rarely is Mark asked a question that he cannot answer.


The next time you see Mark, please congratulate him on the well-deserved honor of being our Employee of the Month for October.


August Employee of the Month: Jake Pedersen

I have had the pleasure of working with Jake for 7 years now. Jake was the first person I met on my first day of work. On that first day Jake treated me like he does all of our members and employees; he showed me the ins and outs of the club, he made me laugh, he asked me about my past and current life, he invested his time and energy into really getting to know who I was and how he could make me have an amazing experience at the club.




Jake is one of the special people who is always happy and tries to make everyone else happy, whether he knows you or not. Just try and have a conversation with him without laughing, I know I have never been able to. He has this way of listening and interacting with all of his clients that make them feel amazing, all while giving them a workout that challenges them physically and mentally.


One story that sticks out about Jake’s dedication to his client was when one client suffered from a very bad back injury. Jake took it upon himself to join his client at his PT visits, to hear about what the injury was and how the PT exercises were to be performed. Jake kept an open dialog with the PFT, client and himself to ensure the best possible outcome and recovery for that client. Jake is never afraid to put in extra time for the benefit of a member or client.


All of us at the SAC wanted to send a thank you to Jake for all of his dedication to the club, for always bringing joy and fun to others around him and for truly caring about the health and wellness of everyone he interacts with.

July Employee of the Month: Rob Lauren

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Please congratulate Rob Lauren on his nomination as Employee of the Month. Rob has been with the club for the last 12 years working his way up from a Personal Trainer, Fitness Director and then as the General Manager.


He is a mentor to the staff, a friend to the members and a leader of both clubs. He works hands on with all managers and staff to help provide the best experience possible for all members.


His passion for health does not go unnoticed. He is always looking at what activities, programs or offerings we can offer to help better both members and staff.


Please congratulate Rob on being this month’s Employee of the Month.