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Congratulations Patti Doss!

Seattle Athletic Club’s Employee of the Month for April

Patti joined Seattle Athletic Club’s Facility team in 2016 with years of experience with the Seattle Art Museum. In twelve short months, she has blown us away with her dedication and attention to detail. Patti is a great team player.  She is super organized,  and she solves issues creatively and swiftly with her can-do-anything attitude .

With the challenges and complexities of such a huge and active club, her positive attitude and constant energy and enthusiasm for problem solving is inspiring. It’s obvious to us that Patti has an inner drive to continue to keep the club a safe and inviting place to be for all our members and staff.


Evergreen Escapes Cascadia 2016 Events

Washington Day Adventures

The Seattle Athletic Club has partnered with Evergreen Escapes (aka “Escape Artists”), a destination management company specializing in expert guided small group and private tours that highlight the best of the Pacific Northwest. Group tours are limited to 10 guests to allow for more engagement with your guide and surroundings.


  • Mt Rainier National Park
  •     Every Mon/Wed/Thur/Sat  |  8:00am – 6:30pm ~ $225.00
    • Alpine meadows, old-growth forests, splendid lakes, and shimmering waterfalls surround the iconic glacial peaks of Mt. Rainer. Walk or snowshoe through thepark while learning about its delicate ecosystems and extensive history. Parkfees, transportation, and seasonal lunch included!
  • Olympic National Park
  • Every Wed/Fri/Sun | 7:30am – 7:00pm ~ $225.00
    • A unique blend of mossy forests, rugged coastline, and misty mountains, the OlympicPeninsula is a nature lover’s dream. Get an overview of the area’s variety by ferry, foot,and van, learning about forest ecology and mountain geology along the way.Park fees, transportation, and seasonal lunch included!
  • Woodinville Wine Trail
  •     Every Fri/Sat | 12:30pm – 6:00pm ~ $125.00
  • Just outside of Seattlelies Woodinville wine country, boasting nearly 100 wineries and tastingrooms.  Visit three boutique wineries to taste a range of varietals and learn about winemaking and tasting. A taste of local meats and cheeses and transportation included!
  • Mt St. Helens National Monument
  •     May-Sept Mon/Thur/Sat | 7:30am – 7:30pm ~ $225.00
  • Take a haunting but a beautiful journey into the heart of Mt. St. Helens NationalMonument. Witness how the ecosystem is recovering and the journey justmiles from the crater, while learning about the fateful events of the1980 eruption. Transportation and seasonal lunch included!

Voted by National Geographic as one of the 50 Tours of a Lifetime in 2015

Seattle Athletic Club members receive 15% off day tours! Book your tour now!

Visit to register. Use promo code: SeattleAthleticClub


Washington Private Tours

The Seattle Athletic Club has partnered with Evergreen Escapes (aka “Escape Artists”), a destination management company specializing in expert guided small group and private tours that highlight the best of the Pacific Northwest. Interested in having a private or family personalized experience? Private escapes are customized to your interests, pace, and activity level and led by expert guides attuned to your needs throughout the day.

You can also choose from some of our most popular private tour options:

  • Explore Seattle Half Day Tour
  • See more of Seattle – going beyond the major attractions to experience the city’s vibrant neighborhoods and breathtaking parks. Delve into history, local culture and urban ecosystems as you take in Seattle’s best views and most unique sights. Add on an Urban Wine Tour for more fun!
  • San Juan Islands Full-Day Tour
  • The San Juan archipelago harbors near-mythical beauty amid its undeveloped islands and seascapes. Spend the day on San Juan Island, exploring local marine and bird wildlife with a naturalist guide. Embark on a 3-hour whale watching search by kayak, passing wildlife refuges and rugged coastline along the way.
  • North Cascades Full-Day Tour
  • North Cascades National Park is nicknamed the “American Alps” for a reason. Hike with an expert naturalist through the park’s rugged terrain and remote solitude. Experience alpine meadows, rocky ridges and an endless sea of jagged peaks veneered by blue glaciers. Keep your eyes peeled along the way for black bears, mountain goats, and bald eagles.
  • Seattle Craft Brewery Tour
  • Taste Seattle’s best beers on a tour of the city’s renowned breweries. Leave the driving to our expert guides as you sample hop-heavy IPA’s, funky sours, crisp pilsners and rich stouts. Lean about Seattle’s brewing history and get an insider’s look at the beer-making process. Add a Brew master’s Dinner of family-style food and beer pairings, perfect for group events.


Voted by National Geographic as one of the 50 Tours of a Lifetime in 2015.

Seattle Athletic Club members receive 5% off private tours!  Visit or call 1-866-203-7603 to book a tour!


For more information, please contact Wellness Director: Kendra Kainz at or call: 206-443-1111 x 295.

Squash In House Championships

MAY 5th-7th | Entry Deadline: April 28th

  • Start Times:Start times will be available on Monday, May 2nd online or in the Squash Department.
  • Rules: Best of 5 games to 11. Losers referee next match.
  • Official Ball: Dunlop XX
  • Hospitality: Light food and refreshments will be served Friday evening.
  • Entry Fee: $40 plus + tax per player.

For more information, please contact our Squash Pro’s Zarak Khan  at or  206-443-1111 ext. 275 Manuela Manetta  at or 206-443-1111 ext 274.

Introduction To Indoor Climbing

Have you ever been curious to learn how to climb, but didn’t know where to begin? The Seattle Athletic Club has partnered with Vertical World, America’s first indoor climbing gym, to offer SAC members the opportunity to learn the fundamentals needed to climb indoors.

This 2 hour class will teach the basics including:

  • Fitting the Harness
  • Tying the Figure 8 Knot
  • Proper Top-Rope Belaying Techniques

All equipment is included and a Free Two Week Membership!

Classes are available July– October

  • Every Mon/Wed at 6-8pm or Saturdays 10:30am-12:30pm
  • SAC Cost:  $35  (regularly $50)
  • Enter promo code: SACMEMBER at registration

This class is suitable for ages 14 and up.

Please visit: to register. Space is limited to 6 participants per class.

For more information, please contact Wellness Director, Kendra Kainz at or call 206-443-1111 x295.

Inspirational Member(s) of the Month! Mike and Louanne Dempsey

By, Jessie Jo Egersett LMP

If you are ever at the club during peak evening hours, chances are you have met Mike and Louanne, Lou as she is so fondly refer to by her hubby. They are a most vibrant couple with two beautiful and outgoing children; Shay, 4 and Langley, 2. Mike and Louanne have been members at the club for a more a decade and it has been such a pleasure to see their adorable family blossom.

I first met Mike, whom was a member before he was joined in marital bliss. He would workout regularly as his office used to be across the street. As a competitive water polo player, I would see Mike in the pool, lifting weights and using the various cardio apparatus’s. His workouts were always geared at playing a better game. I got a kick out of that, since water polo would have you utilizing so many different parts in so many ways! Mike would travel for games; set aside time to prep for games, plan his workouts and self-care around games. Mike’s consistency never lapses, even with injury, He has been a consistent happy force here, Mike maintains a steady and positive outlook on life and it is contagious!

When Mike got serious about Lou, boy…did it show! It was the cutest darn thing you ever did see. When I met her for the first time, it was so clear that they were going to be like the Olympic mountain range, solid. The greatest parents on the planet, and super fun to boot!

I have watched them settle into living together and adding little tater tots to the clan- Shay came first. Boy, oh boy! That is a serious intro into the wild world of little boys! He is about the life of any party. He is currently in pre-k and loving it. Then Langley arrived, a sweet and well mannered princess. They both swim in the pool here at the SAC with another addition to their clan, Chloe. Chloe saved the day when she arrived to be the Au Pair. She too, has become a regular here at the club both in and out of the pool with the kiddo’s.

After Langley was born Mike and Lou decided to take on the “Loose It Challenge” that the club has at the New Year. Those two went head to head- it was so adorable to see a couple one-up each other every day! I was glad to see that after all was said and done, Louanne won! She was the happiest massage winner I have seen to this day! These two always make time for self care- and quality time with one another. They are a beautiful model of a loving and healthy couple and share those values with their children.


When we came to the decision to nominate them as a couple, Melodie Hewitt wanted to write about Louanne and we decided to proceed with a Q & A:
Melodie, what was it like getting to know Louanne? 

I first met Louanne and Mike when they were still pregnant with Langley. I remember being very inspired by her because of her dedication to health and wellness. Even when she was 8 or 9 months pregnant I would still see her in the weight room every day. I noticed her commitment to health and wellness. She works full time and is a busy mother of two but she still makes time to get her workout in and take time for herself. I think she is such a great example of someone that really values health and wellness and makes sure to create time for it.

 What would you say that Louanne brings to our community?

Louanne is such a great part of this community. She has really integrated her whole family into the club. The whole family has really become a staple of the club, and I know that Louanne and her family bring a lot of joy to the members and staff. Louanne is incredibly kind and genuine and it shines through in all her interactions

What is the most inspiring thing she has done/said?

I’m very inspired by how genuine and authentic she is. Getting to chat with her and her family is a really great part of my day!

I will say that Mike and Lou have become much more than members, they are friends. I know I speak for many of us here when I say that I am so grateful for them, sharing their lives with us. Thank You Mike and Lou for being the perfect you’s that you are!

Bicycling Fundamentals, Flat Repair and Maintenance Demo with Paul Boivin

May 2nd at 6:00 pm, Complimentary to Members.

Come to this informative talk and learn how to be a street savvy biker. This 60 min demo will cover:

  • Seattle biking rules
  • Seattle multi-use trail rules
  • Biking gear to wear for Seattle weather
  • Flat repair and bicycle maintenance demos
  • Biking do’s and don’ts to live by

For more information, please contact our Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, at

Complimentary Body Fat & Circumference Measurements

Complimentary for members, Monday the 25th & Tuesday the 26th in the morning, lunch and after work.

Let our fitness staff take your measurements so you know your starting fitness level.

  • It is fast, usually taking about 15 minutes to perform
  • It is easy to perform; we only needing access to your torso and thigh
  • It is very accurate with the standard error being 2-3%
  • It gives you a baseline; knowing your starting point is important for tracking progress
  • It is also very affordable as it is a complimentary service to members

For more information, please contact our Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, at

Know Your Numbers & Women’s Health Week

May 8th – 14th |  Complimentary

The 17th annual National Women’s Health Week kicks off on Mother’s Day, May 8, and is celebrated until May 14, 2016. The goal is to empower women to make their health a priority. The week also serves as a time to help women understand what steps they can take to improve their health.

All this week the SAC will have a table with information on women’s health issues, ideas on how women can stay fit and active at any age as well as an opportunity to participate in our Know Your Numbers program.

With this program all you need to do is take the Know Your Numbers card to your doctor and get your numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar. Bring that filled out card back to the SAC and have a complimentary meeting with one of our personal fitness trainers to review your numbers, what they mean, and how to stay healthy with those numbers.

For more information, please contact our Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, at

Teen Training

Sport specific workouts for your teen.

  • Are you looking to give your teen that high school or college advantage to make them the best player possible?
  • Do you ever worry about your teen’s workout habits?
  • Is weight training too much for their joints?
  • Should they be doing that much cardio?

Let our certified personal trainers work with your teen for 60 minutes twice a week giving them proper coaching for lifts, agility training, and sports specific movements. Your teen will be given a written manual which emphasizes the importance of flexibility, strength training, and speed/agility training.

  • $360 per teen for 4 weeks of instruction and training.
  • $220 per teen if you bring a friend with you (the rate if there are 2-3 teens in each workout)

For more information and to reserve a spot for your youth, please contact Fitness Director Jacob Galloway at

Managing Stress with Air Travel

We all have stress in our lives, and those who travel with work – especially those on airplanes – can deal with it even more.  Planes, airports, and unfamiliar hotel beds can get the body out of balance, and upset our sleeping rhythms. And there is nothing natural or healthy about changing time zones, or trying to nap on planes or in airports.  What are ways to manage stress when out of town, or just returning home?

Just thirty minutes of exercise can do wonders for our physical and mental health, especially when we are out of our regular routine. A run, walk, swim, yoga class, or any type of workout can help keep us relaxed and balanced. With our lives turned upside down, these activities can keep us grounded and keep the body in something of a routine. Just that half hour of activity can help manage anxiety and stress.
Another way to get ourselves back in balance is to get a massage. Having a session after returning home can calm the body down and make it easier to sleep. The neck, shoulders, and back in particular can hold tension from travel, and having a professional massage can be exactly what’s needed to get back into the routine. An hour on the massage table can help relieve muscle imbalances and tightness in those problem areas, and leave you feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated. Book an appointment after traveling-it may be exactly what you need. There are licensed therapists at the club every day of the week. They are all skilled and have a ton of experience. Try a massage after traveling and you will be happy that you did.