Announcement: The Passing of Adriana Brown

Dear Seattle Athletic Club Family,

Many of you know, but to those who don’t we must inform you of the heartbreaking news of the passing of our amazing colleague and cherished friend, Adriana Brown.

To know Adriana means that you knew an extraordinary person; full of passion and incredible enthusiasm for helping people through her generous love. We will miss her tremendously.

Our hearts and prayers go out her family.

If you’d would like to help support the Brown family, we have set up two simple and practical opportunities below.

1.      Fundraising for Family
This fund will help her family in two ways; fulfilling immediate needs like medical and funeral expenses, and long-term ambitions like Adriana’s dream for funding the girls’ college education.
b.      Club Charge
If you prefer to give directly to the Brown Family, contact the front desk and we can run any donation amount through your club account.

2.      Meal Train
When many friends give a meal, this is a Meal Train.  Let’s bless the Brown Family with meals for the next 3 months. Simply click on the link below, and sign up for a specific day to deliver a meal or a small bag of groceries to the SAC and we will hand deliver it to the Brown household.

We are honored to be a part of a community who genuinely cares so much about each other.

Thank you for your support,
Seattle Athletic Club



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