Lose It! 2017 Recap

The Seattle Athletic Club just wrapped up another very successful 12 week weight loss competition for 2017. This year we had 29 participants looking to start healthy habits and begin their weight loss journey.  Of those that competed in the competition 95% lost weight. Of those that lost weight, 55% lost over 5 lbs and the top three finishers lost a total of 88 lbs.

Speaking of top finishers, here is how the competition finished up:

1st place: George losing 15.17% of his body weight.

2nd place: Ben losing 14.45% of his body weight.

(Ben is able to fit into his wedding suite from 20 years ago now)

3rd place: Steven losing 6.43% of his body weight.  

We are proud of all the hard work and dedication from everyone that participated in our competition. Many of our participants had great things to say about their Lose It experience and how it helped them change their lives.

If you are looking to start a fitness program, please come see any of the fitness staff. Everyone at that Seattle Athletic Club is here to help and assist all members with any fitness endeavor. As you can see, you can be more successful using a structured program and network of people looking to help you out. So, when it comes to your next fitness adventure, talk to the professionals at the Seattle Athletic Club!

For more information about healthy weight loss, please contact Fitness Director, Jacob Luckey (jluckey@sacdt.com).



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