Bike Tune Up Day with Velofix Mobile Shop

Kendra Kainz

May 24th, 10am – 4pm

Basic Bicycle Tune-Up’s $70 (SAC Members receive 10% off)

Biking season is upon us; it is time to pull the bike back out of storage and get ready for the upcoming road riding and leisurely bike trails in and around Seattle or perhaps your commuter or race bike needs some maintenance.

Yearly bike tunes ups are necessary for safety and to increase the longevity of your bike.  The Seattle Athletic Club wants to help with this task by offering the convenience of one the spot bike tune-up’s from the professionals at Velofix for all SAC members.  

Bring your bike in before your workout and have Velofix bike experts talk you through how to look for wear and tear on parts and how to keep your bike maintained so that you can enjoy many more years of Seattle bike riding.  

For more information please contact Wellness Director Kendra Kainz (



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