Seattle Squash Academy Testimonial – Pavan Nagaraj

My name is Pavan Nagaraj— a proud member of the Seattle Squash Academy. Under the guidance of the coaches at the academy over the last four years, I have developed as an athlete, a competitor, and as a sportsman. I accredit much of my improvement to the coaches’ multi-faceted foci on squash. Squash is a sport that necessitates more than simply physical prowess, but involves psychological and strategic competence. Despite all the coaching a player receives, the player will have to fend for him/herself on the court. The coaches arrange seminars in which professionals lecture on the importance of a positive mindset before entering the court. Before I joined the academy, I did not have the opportunity to explore this physiological component. Since then, I have discerned the importance of a positive mindset; I now make sure to feel confident before I enter the court. Next to mental strength, the coaches also stress the importance of strategy. I have learned to consider squash not just as a sport, but also as an art; every shot is crafted by the player, and has a deadly purpose. Whether the shot is intended to wear the opponent down or to hit the winning shot, I have come to always think before I hit the ball—almost always. As a senior ready to embark on my next adventure, college, I would like to thank the academy for making me the player I am today.  




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