Day: January 11, 2017

Are You Ready for a Change? Invest in a Primal Health Coach!

By Personal Fitness Trainer and Primal Health Coach, Adriana Brown.

South Beach Diet, Blood Type Diet, HITT Training, CrossFit, Vegetarianism, Raw Food Diet, Gluten free, Dairy Free, Soup Cleanse, Advocare, Paleo, P90X, Insanity, the list goes on and on and on. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Should you be eating only protein or nothing with a face? Should you be working out for only 20 minutes a day and only in the morning or should you be running for hours on end?

In today’s world of fitness and nutrition, it can be completely overwhelming. Do not fret. I’ve got some good news for you! Ask yourself the following questions and your solution could just be one email – one meeting away.

1) Do you feel overwhelmed with understanding what is or isn’t good nutrition?

2) Have you lost your body’s connection to food?

3) Are you ready to cut out the food in your diet that makes you lethargic, bloated, sick, and gain weight?

4) Do you have a hard time getting enough sleep to feel energized?

5) Are you having a hard time handling stress in your life?

6) Do you feel like you are living your life and feeding yourself on autopilot?

7) Are you frustrated because you have not found a consistent and long lasting way to achieve your goals and feel healthy and happy?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then it just might be time to get some assistance from a Primal Health Coach!


A health coach is a certified coach that has the knowledge and practical application skills to assist clients in making major health changes – from losing weight to addressing chronic conditions, transforming their fitness, to understanding how to make small changes for the utmost impact. A health coach will address and tailor each program to give the client life long tools to address roadblocks, better health, give scientific understanding of how food, stress, sleep, and consciousness affect you inside and out. With the guidance that a coach can provide you will open up new doors to health and longevity! You will learn the building blocks for optimal health and start a new journey to a consistent and intuitive way to eat, exercise, and you will learn about what really motivates you and satisfies your life.

If you are interested in making the ultimate investment for yourself, please contact Primal Health Coach, Adriana Brown to see if this program might be right for you!