The Seattle Athletic Club Welcomes 2 New Trainers

Joe McColskey and Emily Ring.
Emily believes that life is expressed through movement and breath. If we struggle to move in our own bodies how can we expect to express ourselves to our fullest potential? Emily’s mission is to teach personal well-being, holistic-strength and provoke higher levels of thought and action.

Joe is passionate about helping people that are not assured of themselves, people that hate age categories and don’t want to be defined by them, anybody interested in learning and loving kettle bells, people looking for sustainable weight loss and body transformation, anybody who feels alienated from the fitness culture who struggle creating sustainable, healthy habits.

Joe believes when you meet yourself where you’re at, give yourself kindness in this moment, and move forward by doing the best with what you have – powerful transformations can occur.

Emily enjoys working with the innate athlete seeking prowess; the bendy pursuing strength, the stationary striving for movement, the gentle aspiring for vitality, the harrowed desiring harmony, and anyone wanting a pathfinder blazing the trail to self-acceptance, self-discovery, self-love, and self-mastery. 



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