Day: December 23, 2016

The Seattle Athletic Club Welcomes 2 New Trainers

Joe McColskey and Emily Ring.
Emily believes that life is expressed through movement and breath. If we struggle to move in our own bodies how can we expect to express ourselves to our fullest potential? Emily’s mission is to teach personal well-being, holistic-strength and provoke higher levels of thought and action.

Joe is passionate about helping people that are not assured of themselves, people that hate age categories and don’t want to be defined by them, anybody interested in learning and loving kettle bells, people looking for sustainable weight loss and body transformation, anybody who feels alienated from the fitness culture who struggle creating sustainable, healthy habits.

Joe believes when you meet yourself where you’re at, give yourself kindness in this moment, and move forward by doing the best with what you have – powerful transformations can occur.

Emily enjoys working with the innate athlete seeking prowess; the bendy pursuing strength, the stationary striving for movement, the gentle aspiring for vitality, the harrowed desiring harmony, and anyone wanting a pathfinder blazing the trail to self-acceptance, self-discovery, self-love, and self-mastery. 

New Year’s Resolution: Life Coaching Package!

Contact: Lindsey T. H. Jackson

Offer Available From December 1st – January 31st
Cost: 3 Sessions for $245

“I’ve been a health coach for over fifteen years and in that time I’ve heard my share of New Year’s Resolutions. I used to watch helplessly as some people stuck resolutely to their resolutions and others crashed and burn after their first month. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to study as much as I could about personality types, psychology, and spirituality in the hopes of unlocking a secret ‘something’ that I could share with my less successful clients. After much study and many travels to the far corners of the world I developed a methodology that has been hugely successful for hundreds of clients. Using it I have helped clients transform New Year’s Resolutions into complete lifestyle changes, and in doing so manifest a level of peace and health in their lives that they previously never believed possible.”

Tom’s Strength Tips!

 Tom Sheriff, Personal Fitness Trainer


  • Switching up your grip every so often is a great way to give your shoulders and elbows a rest to avoid overuse injuries during bench pressing.
  • The “Swiss bar” moves your hands to the neutral position which feels great on the shoulders and elbows while maintaining strength in the bench press movement. I recommend replacing all normal bench pressing with “Swiss bar” bench pressing for at least three weeks to maintain joint health.


  • Most people add weight to the back extension by holding a plate in front of their chest; while this is effective in adding resistance holding the weight there causes your shoulders to round forward, therefore reinforcing bad posture.
  • With a bar placed on your upper traps you are externally rotating your shoulders, opening and stretching the chest, and engaging your posterior chain more completely. Start with a PVC pipe and slowly add weight over 2-3 weeks.

If you have any questions on these movements or want more strength tips please contact Tom Sheriff at

Complimentary Equipment Orientations

Jacob LuckeyFitness Director
Every Monday in January at 5:30PM. Free for Members:

  • Do you know how to use the cardio equipment more efficiently to enhance your workout?
  • Do you want to learn how to properly set up and use the machines in the Cybex room?
  • Do you have any questions about your form when using free weights?
  • Do you have any general fitness questions for our professional staff?

Then come to our Free Equipment Orientation every Monday at 5:30PM during the month of January to receive hands on walk through of all of the Seattle Athletic Club’s fitness equipment. If you would like to join this orientation, please contact Fitness Director, Jacob Luckey to request a date that works best with your schedule.

Pilates Exercise of the Month: The Seal

Jocelyn Paoli, Stott Certified Pilates Instructor

Purpose: To massage the spinal muscles, work the powerhouse, test balance and coordination. It is often done at or near the end of a mat routine.

1. Sit at the front of your mat with knees bent to your chest and heels together. Open your knees to shoulder width. Hands reaching through the legs to hold outside of ankles.

2. Tip back and balance on your tailbone. Bring your feet just above the mat. Keep the knees within your frame; scoop the navel deeper.

3. Inhale, roll back, pulling your feet with you. Balance on the base of the shoulder blades. Allow your legs to extend slightly until your feet are over your head (head stays on mat). Clap the heels 3 times (like a seal clapping its’ flippers).

4. Exhale as you roll forward to the starting position, tucking your chin into your chest. Balance and clap the heels together 3 times. Your heels should not touch the mat.

5. Repeat 5-8 times; feeling the massage up and down the muscles of your back.

Maintain a constant C curve of the spine.
Never roll onto your head, neck or shoulders – only the base of the shoulder blade.
Initiate rolling back from the powerhouse not from the head.
Don’t use momentum when rolling up. Roll up slightly slower than you rolled back to challenge the abs.

Note: Omit this exercise if you have an acute back injury.

Modification: You can begin without the claps and add 1, 2, then 3 claps as balance improves.

Visualization: Imagine you are on a rocker, balancing on the edges of both the front and back; trying not to tip over in either direction.

Treadmill Weight Loss Series

Any day in January, treadmill workouts for weight loss! One of our new treadmill’s amazing features is customized workouts.
This January our fitness staff will add in their favorite cardio workout designed specifically for weight loss.
The best way to lose weight doing cardio is with weight bearing machine like our new treadmills.

1. Jump on any treadmill
2. Push the “Workouts” tab
3. Choose a Cardio Kickstarter workout to try
4. Start your interval workout

All of these workouts are interval workouts designed for heart health, weight loss and sweating. For more information please, contact Jacob Luckey.

Cardio Kickstarter

Jacob LuckeyFitness Director

January 1st. Complimentary for members. What is your goal for the New Year? Without a goal you might find yourself spinning the wheels on your own health. We at the Seattle Athletic Club are interested in not only hearing what your goals are, but seeing them in writing. Studies have shown that if you write down your goal or tell someone, you are more likely to achieve it. Here are some options for you to show others what you are trying to achieve:

-Write your goal on our SAC goal card and display it with the rest of the members
(they will be displayed anonymously).
-Email fitness director Jacob Luckey with your goal and he will post them for you.
-Sit down and talk with any of our fitness staff about how to set your goal and discuss a plan of action to achieve them.

Let’s see how many people we can get to finish their goals; no matter how big or small your goal may be we want to help you have a great and healthy New Year. Contact Fitness Director Jacob Luckey at

Employee of the Year!

Marcus Elie, congratulations for winning . . . Employee of the Year!
Marcus brings his southern kindness from Louisiana to the Seattle Athletic Club every day graciously. It’s obvious to our team members and club members that Marcus genuinely cares about everyone around him and consistently takes the time to go above and beyond to help out. With his warm and personable nature, Marcus puts the needs of others first. Marcus is professional, calm even when under pressure, and always polite. He is also extremely flexible with his time and schedule to ensure the front desk is covered and members are cared for!

Inspirational Member of the Month!

The Seattle Athletic Club is thrilled to announce that our Inspirational Member of the Month is Jamie Osbourne.
I’m certain you have seen Jamie working out in the club; he is here nearly every morning and utilizes every square inch of the club including the weight room, cardio room, the Pilates Studio, Cybex room, and the stretching area. He loves to share his amazing journey of struggle and triumph, and here is a peek into his recovery process from a devastating cycling accident in 2007 and his incredible climb to where he is today.

Welcome to the Team!

Svetlana Perekhodova
Pilates Instructor
Svetlana is a contortionist performance artist and an original cast member of Teatro ZinZanni. Originally from Russia, she studied at the Kiev Circus Academy and has performed at some of the most distinguished venues in Europe. She trained under master teacher Dorothee VandeWalle in the classical, authentic method in order to keep her body free of injury. The deep knowledge of body give Svetlana skills to help her clients achieve more strength, flexibility, body control, and proper alignment. If you would like to book a Pilates Session with Svetlana, please email her at