Day: September 25, 2016

BODYPUMP Launch for release 99!

Saturday, October 1st  | 9:30am-10:30am

Join Seattle Athletic Club as we launch BODYPUMP 99 this Fall! Fitness clubs in over 70 countries around the world have implemented BODYPUMP into their Group Exercise line-up and have seen positive results. Les Mills, the creator of BODYPUMP™ has established the world’s best fitness formula for results and fun.

Here are the top 10 reasons to join class!

Reason #1

  • BODYPUMP burns calories!  This class offers a variety of athletic movements requiring energy from all three energy systems making your caloric expenditure peak during and after class.

Reason #2

  • BODYPMP will increase your lean muscle mass by improving muscle strength and endurance.

Reason #3

  • BODYPUMP tones muscles without bulking you up while still making you stronger.

Reason #4

  • BODYPUMP will increase your metabolism and make positive changes to your body shape!

Reason #5

  • BODYPUMP increases bone density making your bones stronger and decrease the risk of osteoporosis.

Reason #6

  • BODYPUMP will improve your posture by increasing your core strength and core stability.

Reason #7

  • BODYPUM is self-regulated.  It allows each participant to progressively increase weight, range and intensity of movement to achieve relative results on a continuing basis.

Reason #8

  • BODYPUMP is for everyone!  Whether your goals are weight loss, muscle toning, general conditioning or if you are pregnant, this class can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Reason #9

  • BODYPUMP allows you to maintain a high level of intensity for the entire duration of the class, which will help you develop and challenge your cardiovascular system.

Reason #10

  • BODYPUMP brings the best weight room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls into the studio and combines them with great music and awesome instructors.

Whatever reason you choose to attend BODYPUMP, you will not be disappointed with the results!  Join us for the launch or any of our regularly scheduled classes to make a positive change in your body today.

Please refer to our Group Exercise class schedule for a list of classes to fit your needs.

Pilates Exercise of the Month: TWIST II

Purpose:  This extra advanced exercise strengthens and stretches the oblique abdominal muscles, stabilizes the shoulder and puts balance and control to the test!

Starting Position: Sit sideways with your weight on one side of the pelvis. Bend the legs and place the top foot over the bottom one. Place your hand, palm down, fingers facing away from you, underneath your shoulder.  Your top hand rests on knee.

  1. Inhale; In one movement, lift pelvis away from floor, straightening the legs; raise the upper arm to shoulder height; fingers pointing to ceiling. The body is in a straight diagonal line; arms straight &  aligned with each other.
  2. Exhale, lift pelvis high, reach free arm (top arm) down toward mat, rotating trunk, as the arm reaches under the body.
  3. Inhale, return to previous position with the body in a straight diagonal line.
  4. Exhale, now, take our arm and reach it back, allowing upper body to twist toward ceiling, resisting pelvic rotation.
  5. Inhale, return to your long diagonal position of step 3.  Exhale lower body to starting position. Complete 3-5 times.

  Visualization: Imagine you are suspended by a strong spring attached through your belt loops and up to the ceiling.

Head to Toe Checklist:

  • Keep your hips still as you twist
  • Keep scapula stable
  • Maintain alignment of the head with the spine
  • Don’t lean all your weight into your wrists or knees


  • Begin going in one direction, then add on.


IMG_0379 IMG_0380 IMG_0381


Seattle Urban Squash is having a… SOX HOP DISCO PARTY at SAC Downtown

Sox Hop Disco Party

to benefit SUS Educational Program as we are the official nonprofit partner of Seattle Athletic Clubs

November 5th | 8:00pm-late

  • Ages 21 and over only!
  • Come join us for dancing and fun

Light Buffet

  • Beer, Wine & Non-alcoholic Beverages provided

Please note: No hard soled shoes or heeled shoes please!

  • Tickets are: $30 – Includes 1 drink

*All donations to Seattle Urban Squash, including raffle tickets, are fully tax-deductible

Cost includes food, alcohol, and music!  Tickets can be purchased online by going to, by email at or or at either of the Seattle Athletic Clubs. ( I will have these tickets to you within the next few weeks).

Seattle Urban Squash is a nonprofit organization based in Seattle, WA that aims to combat inequality in education and narrow the achievement gap between poor and wealthy schools.  Our donors and volunteers provide free academic tutoring, squash training, and service learning to a select group of youth from underserved communities in the Seattle area, with the goal of ensuring high school graduation and creating pathways to college.  These programs help our students develop confidence, study habits, discipline, work ethic, athletic skills, fitness expertise, and positive social connections.

Our program also aims to reduce obesity in children and teens by promoting healthy eating and frequent exercise.  We are proud to be part of the burgeoning sports-based youth development movement in the US, and are unique in that movement due to our dual focus on both academic development through tutoring and sports training.

Our Mission: “To offer a group of underprivileged students year-round intense squash instruction, academic tutoring and community service so that they recognize and fulfill their potential in life as students, athletes and citizens.”

Our Vision: “Impact the lifelong health and wellness of students through commitment, diligence, resilience, integrity and team-work.”

Our Goals: Aim for 100% high school graduation and create pathways to 4-year college.

Thanks to our donors:

In 2013-14 season…

  • SUS achieved an increase from 12% to 63% of students who exceed grade level in reading;
  • 78% of our students met or exceeded typical growth in math;
  • We averaged 95% attendance over 250 hours of practice, 3 community service projects, and 4 field trips.

In our 2014-15 season…

  • All 3 SUS 6th graders achieved above a 3.0 core GPA at the end of their first year of middle school;
  • Increase from 1.4 and 2.2 in the first semester

In our 2015-16 season

  • All SUS middle school participants raised their math average by 37%
  • All SUS students achieved a 3.0 or higher in specific areas of struggle
  • We averaged 98% attendance over 250 hours of practice, community service projects and 3 field trips.