Day: August 24, 2016

Winter Jacket & Hygiene Kit Drive

Starts on Tuesday, November 1st.

Winter will be quickly upon us and the city is in desperate need of winter jackets and general hygiene products!

We will be accepting donations of:

  • Any style jacket for men, women, or children (men’s large jackets are of greatest need)
  • Scarves/winter hats/gloves
  • General hygiene products for those in need such as shampoo, conditioner, lotions, wipes, toothbrush, deodorant etc.

Large bins will be placed in the lobby and by the front desk for these donation; we will make sure they get to the people who need them most during these winter months!

For more information please contact Fitness Director, Jacob Luckey, at

Project Meal Plan

Coming this Fall.

Meal planning is where your dietary intentions become a habit we develop and refine over time.  Come get both inspiration and structure with Club Nutritionist Kathryn Reed, MS. In this program you will:

1st – meet with our club nutritionist for a private half hour session to assess your specific needs, goals and obstacles.

2nd – meet in a group each Monday for six weeks as you create the week’s personalized meal plan/grocery list.

Project Meal Plan is for those new to meal planning, those that just want some inspiration or new ways of cooking meals, for those busy professionals with very little time to cook and it’s also for those who just don’t want to go it alone!

$149 member cost / $179 non-member cost

For more information please contact Fitness Director, Jacob Luckey, at

PE Replacement Program

Unfortunately, the trend of education at the high school level seems to leave little to no time to accomplish PE requirements on top of everything else for college prep. With our focus being the exact opposite, we would like to make sure that health and fitness stays an integral part of your teenager’s life. Besides, without good health, what does that leave us with? We want to help! If your teen needs help with fulfilling their PE requirements, we have a few different options to choose from.

  • Teen Personal Training program: Work on your fitness with our trainers in private workouts twice a week.
  • Sampler Package: An intro to everything we have to offer including different classes and a couple private workouts
  • Group exercise option: Attend group exercise classes with other members for a fun high energy workout.

The Process:
Parent and teen will meet with the Fitness Director, or Group Exercise Director to sort out which plan is best suited and how many hours are required to be fulfilled. We understand hourly requirements and schedules vary and we will do our best to accommodate and shift where needed.

  • Ask about pricing


For more information please contact Fitness Director, Jacob Luckey, at