Month: July 2016

Get Fierce for Fall

Sign-up by: Tuesday, August 9th  | Start Date & Luncheon: Monday, August 15th

Compete against our Corporate partners to prove that your office pals are the best in Seattle!

The Seattle Athletic Club is delivering a challenge to local area businesses to see which local company can band together a group of co-workers to collectively lose the most amount of weight within 30 days. Four teams will be chosen for this four-week complimentary Bootcamp at the Seattle Athletic Club.

What this challenge involves:

A team of 6 participants (maximum of 2 current club members)

•         Non-members will have 30 days of unlimited access to the club

•         Free group personal training session per week.

•         Complimentary team fitness 101 group session.

•         Complimentary access to all club group exercise classes.

•         Weekly weigh-ins and leader board to keep your team accountable

•         The team whose total percentage of weight lost is highest wins the challenge!

•         Each non-member on the winning team will receive two months of free dues upon joining.
For more details or to enter your team, please contact Melodie Hewitt or Sarah Richardson in the Membership Office.

Employee of the month for July: Marcus Elie




Marcus brings his southern kindness from Louisiana to the Seattle Athletic Club every day graciously. It’s obvious to our team members and club members that Marcus genuinely cares about everyone around him and consistently takes the time to go above and beyond to help out. With his warm and personable nature, Marcus puts the needs of others first. Marcus is professional, calm even when under pressure, and always polite.  He is also extremely flexible with his time and schedule to ensure the front desk is covered and members are cared for.


Pilates Exercise of the Month: SPINE TWIST



Purpose:  To work the muscles of your waistline (oblique abdominals) and wring the  stale air from your lungs as you stretch the muscles of your back.

  1. Sit very tall with your arms stretched to either side of the room; palms down, fingers long.  Legs are straight and held tightly together; toes point up to the ceiling.
  2. Inhale deeply, pull your navel into your spine; as if you were being cinched at the waist.
  3. Exhale, for 3 counts, twist your torso to the right.  Lengthen and increase the rotation with the next 2 breaths.  Release slightly between breaths. You can sustain one long exhalation or a gradual exhales on each count.
  4. Look toward your back arm as you turn.  Stay perched on top of your hips, lifting taller and straighter; squeezing your buttocks and legs.
  5.  Inhale deeply, return to center with your chest high.  Keep your arms in your peripheral vision, shoulders down.
  6. Repeat to the left side, lifting even taller and longer through the waist; returning to center.
  7.  Repeat 3-5 sets on each side.  

Visualization:  Imagine you are wringing the air out of your body as you would wring water from a wet towel.

Modifications: Sit on a foam cushion, the edge of the mat or cross-legged if you have tightness in your lower back, hamstrings or hip flexors.

Head to Toe Checklist:

  • Don’t let the back shoulder hunch up when turning.
  • Legs should stay aligned when twisting.
  • Use your breath to increase the stretch.
  • Don’t sink into your back as you twist.  Lift tall out of your waist.
  • Squeeze buttocks and upper thighs tightly together during the exercise.

Note: Omit the exercise if you have a recent back injury.  If you have a bad shoulder, reach back only within a pain-free range.


Employee Spotlight: Sabina Lovett



One of our personal trainers Adriana recently interviewed another employee, Sabina Lovett, about her weight loss journey this last year and a half.  Sabina started out working as a front desk employee and is now our weekend manager on duty.  She started using one of her employment benefits here at the SAC, access to the facility and fitness staff, transforming her body and life.  To hear about how Sabina lost over 40 lbs read her interview below.

When did you start working at the SAC?

  • I started working at the SAC in November 2014.

How did you feel about your general health when you started here?

  • I didn’t really start working out/losing weight until this last September. When I started here I felt horrible about myself, to be honest. I was going back and forth between 175 and 165 pounds. I didn’t have a lot of energy and was constantly eating out. My skin looked terrible because it was extremely red and blotchy and I had fairly bad acne.

What have you done exercise/nutritionally/stress wise to better your health?

  • I started off just working out and not really changing my diet. I lost about 15 pounds pretty quickly. I was mostly running and doing light weights with a lot of reps. Once I hit about 155 pounds I hit kind of a plateau, which I knew then that I needed to change my diet. I stopped eating out so much (which has saved me a bunch of money too). Portion control was really a big thing for me. I started using smaller plates which really helped. I started upping the weights I was using and slowly added more time into my workouts. I started doing half hour workouts and now try to work out for 1 ½ hours if I have time.

How much weight have you lost?

  • When I started losing weight my goal was to just get back to my high school weight of about 135-125. I’ve reached that goal, as I am now 135. Now my goal is to get down to 125 and I’m working hard to have arms like yours 😉

How has your improved health impacted your life?

  • Losing the weight and becoming healthier, in general, has helped me a lot. My skin has completely cleared up and I don’t need to wear makeup now 🙂 My energy level is so much better! I’m able to walk to work a lot faster and I don’t sweat as much now when I’m just walking. I have to admit I’ve always suffered from insomnia so even if I do workout a lot, it doesn’t make a difference with my sleeping patterns. I feel so much more confident in myself now as well and it’s definitely helped with my stress level as I can workout my frustrations. I now look forward to working out and it’s become one of my favorite things to do.

Welcome Personal Fitness Trainer Phillip Cowin

Phillip CowinPhil comes to the SAC from the tri-cities with his family, transitioning from working at Gold’s gym for over 5 years while there.  Phil has competed in multiple power lifting and fitness/physique competitions and has a background in wrestling, MMA and track & field.

Phil’s workouts are designed to challenge every individual based on their needs; utilizing dumbbells and barbells for traditional power lifting movements, and showing people how to move their body’s correctly using balance and functional training, while always incorporating mobility and flexibility work.  Phil’s programs, which are continually updated, are tracked to ensure all his client’s are making progress.

Phil is a goal oriented person who pushes people’s minds and bodies further than they think they can; making fitness a lasting change in their life.

PE Replacement Program

Unfortunately, the trend of education at the high school level seems to leave little to no time to accomplish PE requirements on top of everything else for college prep. With our focus being the exact opposite, we would like to make sure health and fitness stay an integral part and priority of your teenager’s life. Besides, without good health, what does that leave us with? We want to help! If your teen needs help with fulfilling their PE requirements, we have a few different options to choose from.

Teen Personal Training program:

  • Work on your fitness with our trainers in private workouts twice a week.

Sampler Package:

  • An intro to everything we have to offer including different classes and a couple private workouts

Group exercise option:

  • Attend group exercise classes with other members for a fun high energy workout.

The Process:

  • Parent and teen will meet with the Fitness Director, or Group Exercise Director to sort out which plan is best suited and how many hours are required to be fulfilled. We understand hourly requirements and schedules vary and we will do our best to accommodate and shift where needed.

For more information please contact Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway at

Ask about pricing

Recap: Feline Rescue Charity Drive

We just finished up a month of accepting donations for the Seattle Feline Rescue.  

We were able to raise just over $500 for their organization; along with donations which totaled:

  • 160 cans of cat food
  • 2 tubs of cat toys
  • 5 boxes of zip lock bags
  • 4 bags of dry cat food
  • 2 bottles of dish soap
  • 2 tubs of catnip
  • 4 bags of cat treats

The Feline Rescue was so very grateful for the donations and had this to say:

“We are so grateful to SAC for hosting the rescue and to all the members for their generosity. This fundraiser will make such a difference to cats and kittens in need!  Nicki, our Volunteer Coordinator, was just mentioning to me that we need to recruit more volunteers to help the kitties. She will be thrilled to receive names of interested members.  Thank you so much!”

Thank you to all the employees and members who made our first charity for animals a huge success.

Health Professional Events at The Seattle Athletic Club: TRIGGER POINT THERAPY

Relieve muscle tension and joint pain with trigger point therapy.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 |  5:45pm

Location: SAC lobby

By: Dr. Traci Grandfield DC



Trigger points are muscle spasms that result from nerve irritation near the muscles involved. They may feel like hard knots within taut bands of muscle fibers. Common trigger points are located along the spine in the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, gluteals, and even the temporomandibular joint. Trigger point therapy is a form of massage that holds pressure over the small area of muscle for 15-20 seconds to reduce the local constriction.

About the Service: ​

In this class, you will learn how to feel for and identify trigger points on a partner. Given some coaching, you will develop the right amount of pressure and technique to release trigger points. This class will be informative and fun! Teach your husband, wife, partner, or best friend how to relieve your tension- Win Win!

Bio of Dr. Grandfield

Dr. Grandfield offers gentle and unique Chiropractic care with a focus on correcting the cause rather than the symptom. Dr. Grandfield utilizes NUCCA, a specialized adjusting technique, to correct misalignments. This focused adjustment is very light and effective to restore normal body balance and function. No cracking, popping or twisting kind of adjustments. With precision and specificity, NUCCA adjustments last longer which result in fewer visits to correct the problem.

Please contact Kendra Kainz at to reserve a seat. Reservations are first come first serve.