Pilates Exercise of the Month: Teaser 1

Purpose:  Humorously referred to as “the mother of all sit-ups”, the Teaser tests your powerhouse control to the fullest.  At the peak of the exercise, momentarily hold the position, “teasing” the balance.

  1. Lie on back; legs extended out on a mat; arms overhead.  Heels together; toes turned out slightly.
  2. Maintain the scoop; inhale; raise arms, head and shoulders, peeling upper body off the mat vertebra by vertebra; simultaneously lifting legs into a “V” sit.
  3. Hold the “V” position, balance on the tailbone. Exhale; roll spine down onto a mat.  
  4. When head & heels touch the mat, stretch arms overhead to the starting position & repeat; inhaling as you float up; exhaling as you peel down.  

Visualization:  As you roll down, imagine each vertebra touching the mat the way your fingers travel on the keys of a piano.


  • Head stays in line with spine.  Fingertips toward toes.  Legs stretched long.
  • Don’t allow the upper body to touch mat before lower body or vice versa.
  • Take your time, relax your mind and find your rhythm as you go.

Modification:  Any difficulty sitting up all the way, slightly bend the knees, as you lift & lower body. Any back discomfort, perform Teaser with legs against a wall.




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