May Employee of the Month: Amanda Heminger

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Amanda Heminger for being the SAC’s employee of the month. When I interviewed Amanda last spring I saw a potential in her and told her how excited I was to bring her onto the SAC fitness team. I also told her that she has no idea how amazing of a trainer she is going to be with all of her knowledge, previous fitness job experiences and a true passion for helping people.
Amanda started at the SAC replacing one of our longest employed trainers Barbara, who decided to continue her career as a Wellness Director at a retirement community.  Now there is no way for anyone to fill Barbara’s shoes, but Amanda did take on a lot of Barbara’s clients, making their minds and bodies healthier. Currently, you will see Amanda work with Mr. Marshall three times a week, holding his arm as he goes from the lobby to the Cybex room, and as they do their 30-minute workout you will also see Mr. Marshall’s beaming smile as he gets his fitness on.
Amanda’s gifts have also been discovered by new and veteran members alike, who have sought out her skill in preparing their body for movement, giving it a dynamic and challenging workout followed by a proper cool down and recovery. One current client who came to Amanda with chronic sciatic-type pain and lumbar pain summed up her experiences with Amanda perfectly:

“Amanda is literally changing my life. Each week she evaluates my movement and strength and gives me a direction to continually correct and strengthen. She always challenges me with just the right degree of challenge, never underestimates me, and celebrates as much as I do when my body cooperates! I am learning so much about how to use my body correctly and mindfully, and I’m doing movements I never thought I could do.”

Amanda gives off such a great energy to anyone she meets at the club (even at 5 am when she starts work) and you can tell that she is here to truly help our members, whether it’s through showing someone how to warm up and stretch properly, helping someone with their workout program, or just taking 10 minutes to have a conversation with someone sitting in the lobby or café.
I meet with all of our fitness staff to determine what their passion and desire for fitness is or, as we call it, their “Why.”  Amanda’s was this: “I want people to love how they feel from the inside out; lead them towards improvements in life by sharing the gifts of fitness while creating relationships.” I feel that she embodies these statements in everyone that she meets or interacts with; I cannot wait to see the talent she continues to bring to everyone at the SAC and witness all the lives she will continue to change.



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