Move Better, Live Better

Starts in June on Monday’s | 12:00 pm

Everyone has different obstacles with their bodies; many of the problems come from people not knowing how to utilize their bodies in the most effective ways during their workouts.
Working out without activating certain muscles leads the stronger muscles to get stronger and the weaker muscles to get weaker. This leads to compensation making our bodies get into a dysfunctional yet comfortable alignment which can be a hard cycle to break. The neurological connection between the brain and the muscles is crucial in effectively working out. Learn the tools to effectively move & exercise while using all areas of your body when working out.


What your weekly topical hour will look like:

  • Warm-up: Learn about the specific warm-ups with hands-on application
  • Workout: Cover 5 exercises with an explanation and hands-on demonstrated work
  • Stretches: Learn about the specific stretches with hands-on application
  • What this program will offer each participant:
  • Weekly topic handouts/infoHands-on demonstrations
  • Weekly body regions:
  • hips & legs
  • shoulders & arms
  • Individualized feedback
  • homework



  • $120 for the program (~4 sessions)

For more information or sign-up, please contact personal fitness trainer Amanda Heminger at



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