Day: April 22, 2016

Health Professional Events at The Seattle Athletic Club

Health Talk Topic: “ Healthy Living to 100! ”

How to Eat, Move, and Think Well

Tuesday, May 24th  | 6:00pm in the front lobby

Presented by: Dr. Traci Grandfield DC

Please contact Kendra Kainz at or sign up at the front desk to reserve a seat. Reservations are first come first serve.


Most of us might be afraid to live to 100 years old because of the fear of a decreased quality of life or living with aches and pains. But if we could feel good and still do the things we love to do like playing with our grandchildren, then I’m sure most of us would want to stick around. What we don’t realize is that arthritis is not inevitable. It can be avoided if we make the right choices now. We have the ability to age well despite our genetics. Healthy lifestyle choices are key to not only live well now but in our later years too. This class will pin point the major culprits contributing to bad health and illuminate the tiny tweaks you can make now to make huge changes to your elder years.




Bio of Dr. Grandfield: Dr. Grandfield offers gentle and unique Chiropractic care with a focus on correcting the cause rather than the symptom. Dr. Grandfield utilizes NUCCA, a specialized adjusting technique, to correct misalignments. This focused adjustment is very light and effective to restore normal body balance and function. No cracking, popping or twisting kind of adjustments. With precision and specificity, NUCCA adjustments last longer which results in fewer visits to correct the problem.