Amateur Seattle Open

Thank you to all the players who played in this year’s Seattle Open that ran from January 28-31st. We had over 105 participants in this year’s tournament that drew players from all over Western North America. Congratulations to the following players who placed in their respective divisions.

Women’s 5.0

  • 1st Place Elena Wagenmans
  • 2nd Place Helen Teegan

Women’s 4.0

  • 1st Place Arisha Khan
  • 2nd Place Lulu Chou

Women’s 3.0

  • 1st Place Tanisha Reddy
  • 2nd Place Char Short

Women’s Novice

  • 1st Place Sage Eberhard
  • 2nd Place Tesfu Ayana

Men’s 6.0

  • 1st Place Tommy Mullaney
  • 2nd Place Phillip Carbajal

Men’s 5.0

  • 1st Place Jeff Smithson
  • 2nd Place Wibe Wagenmans

Men’s 4.0

  • 1st Place Patrick Jameson
  • 2nd Place Yos Wagenmans

Men’s 3.0

  • 1st Place Luis Ferreira
  • 2nd Place Tarun Arora

Men’s Novice

  • 1st Place Yap Wuihee
  • 2nd Place Edward Miao

Men’s 50+

  • 1st Place Jay Prince
  • 2nd Place Derrick Cameron

Men’s 40+

  • 1st Place Sean Ryan
  • 2nd Place Joshua Hilton



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