Day: March 22, 2016

Inspirational Member(s) of the Month! Mike and Louanne Dempsey

By, Jessie Jo Egersett LMP

If you are ever at the club during peak evening hours, chances are you have met Mike and Louanne, Lou as she is so fondly refer to by her hubby. They are a most vibrant couple with two beautiful and outgoing children; Shay, 4 and Langley, 2. Mike and Louanne have been members at the club for a more a decade and it has been such a pleasure to see their adorable family blossom.

I first met Mike, whom was a member before he was joined in marital bliss. He would workout regularly as his office used to be across the street. As a competitive water polo player, I would see Mike in the pool, lifting weights and using the various cardio apparatus’s. His workouts were always geared at playing a better game. I got a kick out of that, since water polo would have you utilizing so many different parts in so many ways! Mike would travel for games; set aside time to prep for games, plan his workouts and self-care around games. Mike’s consistency never lapses, even with injury, He has been a consistent happy force here, Mike maintains a steady and positive outlook on life and it is contagious!

When Mike got serious about Lou, boy…did it show! It was the cutest darn thing you ever did see. When I met her for the first time, it was so clear that they were going to be like the Olympic mountain range, solid. The greatest parents on the planet, and super fun to boot!

I have watched them settle into living together and adding little tater tots to the clan- Shay came first. Boy, oh boy! That is a serious intro into the wild world of little boys! He is about the life of any party. He is currently in pre-k and loving it. Then Langley arrived, a sweet and well mannered princess. They both swim in the pool here at the SAC with another addition to their clan, Chloe. Chloe saved the day when she arrived to be the Au Pair. She too, has become a regular here at the club both in and out of the pool with the kiddo’s.

After Langley was born Mike and Lou decided to take on the “Loose It Challenge” that the club has at the New Year. Those two went head to head- it was so adorable to see a couple one-up each other every day! I was glad to see that after all was said and done, Louanne won! She was the happiest massage winner I have seen to this day! These two always make time for self care- and quality time with one another. They are a beautiful model of a loving and healthy couple and share those values with their children.


When we came to the decision to nominate them as a couple, Melodie Hewitt wanted to write about Louanne and we decided to proceed with a Q & A:
Melodie, what was it like getting to know Louanne? 

I first met Louanne and Mike when they were still pregnant with Langley. I remember being very inspired by her because of her dedication to health and wellness. Even when she was 8 or 9 months pregnant I would still see her in the weight room every day. I noticed her commitment to health and wellness. She works full time and is a busy mother of two but she still makes time to get her workout in and take time for herself. I think she is such a great example of someone that really values health and wellness and makes sure to create time for it.

 What would you say that Louanne brings to our community?

Louanne is such a great part of this community. She has really integrated her whole family into the club. The whole family has really become a staple of the club, and I know that Louanne and her family bring a lot of joy to the members and staff. Louanne is incredibly kind and genuine and it shines through in all her interactions

What is the most inspiring thing she has done/said?

I’m very inspired by how genuine and authentic she is. Getting to chat with her and her family is a really great part of my day!

I will say that Mike and Lou have become much more than members, they are friends. I know I speak for many of us here when I say that I am so grateful for them, sharing their lives with us. Thank You Mike and Lou for being the perfect you’s that you are!