Worksite Warrior Recap All Star Directories vs Open Market

Every quarter we ask our corporate partners to submit teams into our Worksite Warrior program.  Each team of employees then bands together for a month, working as a collective at their work and the club to lose the largest percentage of weight.

This quarter, Open Market’s team won by losing 21.7 lbs while their competition, All Star Directories, lost 16.6 lbs over the holidays and four week program. Every person on Open Market’s team lost weight with the largest weight loss being ~ 10 lbs.  All Star Directories had 2/3 of their teammates lose weight with the largest weight loss being 7.5 lbs.

Congratulations on both teams’ success in both their weight loss and working together as a team to accomplish this feat. If your company would like to compete in our Worksite Warrior program please contact Fitness Director Jacob Galloway for more details.


For more information, please contact our Fitness Director, Jacob Galloway, at




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