Pilates Exercise of the Month: HIP CIRCLES

 Purpose:  Hip Circles focus on the abdominal muscles; stretches the front of the shoulders, across the chest, and down the arms.

Starting Position: Sit in a V position with the arms extended behind the body, hands resting on floor; fingers face away from body. The legs are together, about a 60 degree angle from the floor.

1.        Inhale, move your legs down and around to the right.

2.       Exhale, complete the circle, bringing the legs to the left and back up to the starting V position.

3.        Complete 3-5 sets.

Visualization: Imagine your hands are stuck in cement and you are unable to move your torso except to keep it lifting to the ceiling.

 Head to Toe Checklist:

*   Begin small, increasing circles as you gain strength.

*   Circling the legs too low will compromise your abdominals.

*   Don’t let the upper body collapse.

*   Press the shoulders down and away from your ears.


Prop yourself up on your elbows if maintaining straight arms is too difficult.

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