January Employee of the Month: Bob Hunt

SDT_EOM_Jan2016_BobBob has been a great addition to the Aquatic Staff at SAC. The members’ comments speak for themselves:

“Bob is a truly great coach. He motivates you to really push yourself through thoughtful encouragement and positivity.” –Kevin Tabari

“He takes interest in everybody’s swim times and pushes us to do our best. I’m always amazed as to how he keeps track of each of our times. He puts time and effort into each workout and always has a smile on his face.” -Natalie Swistak

What I appreciate about Bob is that when I’m suffering through a swim workout, every once in awhile, when I come up for a breath, there he is on the deck, shouting encouragement.” –Chris Evans

“Bob is enthusiastic and a great motivator. His workouts are tough but he encourages you along the way.  It’s always fun having Bob as a coach!” –George Morales

“Bob is awesome. His energy is contagious and he always gets all your splits. Not sure how he does it but he does. There are always some 100’s all out, which I hate at the time, but feel good about on the drive home. Thanks, Bob.” –Dustin Gilbert

“Bob is motivating, knowledgeable in technique and training and always shows up prepared. More important than these things is he demonstrates that he really cares about swimming, the club, and each person in the pool. This makes me work out harder, drag myself to practices I would usually miss, and truly enjoy the time I am there with him.” –Stefan Wynn

“Bob has proven that swimming can be fun, really fun, no matter how committed or experienced you might be. He has a rare ability to make members at all levels of ability feel welcomed in a swim class and gets to know them personally. It’s hard not to feel enthusiastic about becoming a better swimmer around someone who is so personable and energetic. Whether it’s improvement in technique, strength and/or endurance, Bob knows how to get you there.” –Larry Jacobson

“Bob has always stepped up to the plate to help out the staff and members. Because of his knowledge, accountability, and eagerness, I never have any concerns with Bob. I know everyone will be taken care of. He is always giving 100%!” –Teresa Nelson




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