Welcome the SAC’s newest PFT Amanda Heminger

The SAC wants to introduce one of its newest members of the fitness department Amanda Heminger. Amanda moved to Washington state after graduating from Oregon State with her BS in exercise science and working for a couple years at the Oregon Athletic Club and managing the fitness on the Intel campus.

In Amanda’s youth she began having migraine headaches, gained weight and felt uncomfortable in her own skin. She decided to take action by running with her Dad and eating healthier; ultimately teaching herself to relieve tension, changed her body, and become more comfortable and confident with who she is. Since then, Amanda has wanted to share her gifts of fitness and help people love how they feel from the inside out.

Amanda’s Philosophy: “To me, being healthy means more than just eating right or being fit; it means feeling good in your own skin and being happy in all areas of your life. I believe that everyday movement SHOULD BE pain free and believe the statement “Less is more” to be true. Making small changes to how you prepare for movement can drastically improve the way your body feels every day.”

Amanda enjoys running, playing sports, spending time outdoors in the beautiful Northwest, and has a love for animals and the unconditional love they give.



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