Inspirational Member of the Month: Gary Trabolsi

Gary Trabolsi is our inspirational member of the month. He joined the club in 1984 and has never looked back. He strives to achieve more while balancing life with work and family. At the club he participates in swimming, spin classes and the strength training. He displays determination and a willingness to succeed regularly. While doing a half ironman triathlon, he couldn’t find his “running” shoes so ran the entire 13.1 mile in his cycling shoes. Most have trouble walking from the cycle room to the locker room. He participated in triathlons up until hip surgery in 2008. Since then, he continues to do epic ride adventures around the state. He had a set-back last year when he fractured his knee cap late-August during a training ride. Although there was healing and recovery time, he still never missed a bit with his training. He was smart in building his training back up and displayed patience with grace and is back doing what he loves! His lineup for 2015 included STP, Ramrod and the High Pass Challenge. With all this training you are bound to see him at the café grabbing his favorite post workout snack of yogurt and fresh fruit.
Over the years Gary has fallen in love with the SAC, primarily for its friendly members and supportive and knowledgeable staff. He suggest that anyone wanted to start building up fitness to seek guidance from a professional trainer and make sure it is “do-able and fun”. By sticking with a plan you will see changes in the mind and body. Once settled into a routine, he suggests, then to try new things and step outside your comfort zone, to keep things interesting and fun.
Gary participates in all he does because he loves challenging his body and heart, and it shows. And ultimately, that is why he has been chosen as SAC inspirational member of the month.



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