Employee of the Year: Jacob Galloway



At our most recent Annual Holiday Party, we had the pleasure and honor of announcing our newly formed Employee of the Year award; the Cookie Laughlin award.

This award will holds extra meaning and sentiment for a lot of our employees because it is in memoriam of one of our most treasured former members; Cookie Lauglin. Cookie was an extremely caring, supportive, friendly, honest, joyful, loving and hard working person.  Everything that our club strives to find and develop within our employees.

The inaugural Cookie Lauglin award recipient, our Fitness Director Jacob Galloway, personifies all those traits and more.

Jacob received this inaugural award due to his caring, loving, considerate work he has personally given to Cookie and her husband John.  In addition to his devotion to the Laughlin’s health, Jacob also exemplifies what it means to be a complete team player.  Jacob is extremely supportive of his staff, he is responsible, caring, friendly, positive, and above all else shows complete care and belief in what the club does to better the lives of members and clients alike.  Jacob works extremely hard to uphold the club’s standards of professionalism as well as his devotion to his clients.  He gives 100% of himself every day to his staff, his clients, and members.

Congratulations Jacob and thank you Laughlin family for the tremendous honor.



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