Strategies for a Healthful Holiday

  1. Enjoy the food and festivities. This is number one above all else. The more you enjoy your life and create holiday experiences you want vs. being on automatic pilot dreading the various gatherings and traditions that you really don’t want to be a part of – the more energy you’ll have to focus on nourishing yourself. In terms of food, pick those indulgences you really love and forego the things that bring the calories without much enjoyment. If you have to drink or eat your way out of an event you really don’t want to go to – re-assess if it’s really worth it.
  2. Work out more. Exercise is the number one way to maintain your weight. As you mindfully enjoy holiday foods push yourself the next workout to go an extra 15-30 minutes. Look for opportunities to walk more and take the stairs when you can. It all adds up to burning off those extra calories. For most, delaying weight-loss goals to the month of January is more realistic.
  3. Stay hydrated and keep up on fruits and veggies.  With adequate hydration and plenty of fiber – you’ll have less room for other things. It’s always better to focus on what you want more of than simply avoiding things you “shouldn’t” eat.
  4.  Sleep at least 7 hours a night.  If we get enough sleep we won’t be as tempted to indulge in the simple carbohydrates –sweets and bready things that are so abundant during the holidays. If you’re too tired you’ll crave these things. Make your sleep a priority and you’ll be more equipped to make healthful food choices.


Here’s to a holiday season free of guilt and good care. My hope is that you don’t lose sight of one of the most important gifts you can give – your own health and well-being.



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