Ayurvedic Oils at the Pro Shop!

New Ayurvedic Oils available in the Pro Shop.

As a long time student of all things yoga since the tender age of 12, I decided to make a commitment to the sister science of yoga; Ayurveda. Ayurveda; the word it self meaning “life knowledge, is the medicinal system of India. The origins date back to 5000 BCE. It began as many ancient practices did, orally. Later it evolved into written form and its roots are evident in the Vedas, primarily the Atharvaveda. I stumbled upon Ayurveda when I met my mentor, Dr. Robert Svoboda while on a yoga retreat high in the mountains of Utah in 2001. He has helped me vastly in the art of living and extracting the best out of life in how I care for myself and others. Part of that journey has involved meeting other

extraordinary practitioners of all kinds. One of which has crafted the oils we are now carrying here at the club and I use primarily in my practice and in my life.

They are of a super special quality, full of Ayurvedic herbs and medicines of the naturopathic vein. I have chosen 2. One is a daily oil that can be used as one would use lotion. It takes a bit longer to soak in after the shower but trust me, it is worth it! The other is for bumps, bruises and other boo-boo’s that cause discomfort. Think analgesic’s. Both I use regularly and highly recommend. I use the same brand for my massage services here, a bit more of a viscous variety that is blended for Ayurvedic massage. If you are curious, stop by the pro shop and try it out! It is made with love by Sarada Anastasia in Ojai, California and in India. Feel free to ask any questions about it that might arise!


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