Pilates Exercise of the Month: Pike on Floor or Stretch Pumping Arms on the Wunda Chair




Purpose: This exercise increases flexibility in the hamstrings and lower back, plus  challenges the powerhouse.  It’s a great prep for the Mat exercise, Teaser.


Starting Position: Sit on the floor facing the chair, weight just back of sit-bones.  Place your feet on front edge of chair with legs together.  Arms long, reaching forward, palms on raised pedal.  Shoulders down and stabilized.


  1. Inhale;  Prepare.  Exhale; Nod your chin, increase spinal flexion to maintain C-curve.  Engage abdominals as you press the pedal down (arms can be slightly bent).


  1. Inhale; Lift the pedal back up with control, keep abs engaged.  Lengthen the spine  and release the pedal.  Exhale.


3.  Repeat 3-5 times.


Head to Toe Checklist:

*Maintain scapular stabilization to avoid neck, arm or shoulder tension

*Keep abdominals engaged throughout exercise

 *Keep arms in same position relative to torso so the pedal is depressed by abdominals, not      by pushing with the arms



Sit on a foam cushion or platform extender to decrease gripping in hips.




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