A book recommendation from, Maryann Kuchera L.M.P.

“Loving hands”
The traditional art of baby massage,
By Frederick Leboyer.
This book is great for anyone who has babies or toddlers around; be it Dad, Grandparent, Aunt, or Uncle.
There is so much research out there on how children thrive through compassionate touch, but many people don’t feel comfortable touching children due to how fragile they can appear.
This book walks you through a very nice massage that is very accessible and will make you feel confident about your touch and intent.  You will see a lot of cross over work that a modern occupational therapist would love because those moves help with right/left brain development in children.
There is a lot of wisdom in the life of a child. The bonds created by providing this work to children can forage a life long connection with deep meaning and health for generations to come.




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