Have you tried INSANITY?

In most workouts you are exercising at a moderate level for several minutes and then you kick up your intensity and heart rate for a few seconds and then back to your moderate level. Bringing your intensity back down to a moderate level is giving your body enough time to catch your breathe completely and rest before the next higher intensity set.

Insanity is the exact opposite; you are working your body at a max intensity level for 2-5 minutes, with a short 30 second break between (see the chart below). This keeps your heart rate up and your body working at a max level through the entire 30-50 minute workout. You are pushing your limits within exercise every time you do Insanity, forcing your body to learn, adapt and get fitter.
An example of how an Insanity class is laid out is shown below so that you know what to expect before taking it:

50 minute workout layout:

Warm up (9 minutes)
Stretch (3 minutes)
Block one (2 minutes)
Repeat 2 more times
Power move (1 minute)
Block two (2 minutes)
Repeat 2 more times
Power move (1 minute)
Block three (2 minutes)
Repeat 2 more times
Power move (1 minute)
Abdominals (8 minutes)
Stretch (3 minutes)

Block Layout:

Exercise one (30 seconds)
Exercise two (30 seconds)
Exercise three (30 seconds)
Exercise four (30 seconds)
Rest (30 seconds)

Come try out the insanity class on Tuesday evenings at 6:35 in the group exercise studio by the weight room. Everyone is welcome! There are modifications for every movement for those who may have limitations. If you have an injury, this specific workout may not be recommended. Come enjoy a full body workout that will help you reach your fitness goals! If you have any questions please contact personal fitness trainer Amber Gruger.



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