Day: May 4, 2013

Summer all-comers track and field meet

Welcome runners and field event enthusiast of track and field for Seattle Athletic Club 2013 season. Starting in June at the Shoreline stadium at 6pm Club Northwest ( will be having open track and field meet where you can walk, jog, run, hurdle, vault, jump, and throw. The goal is to get everyone regardless of age to bring out there inner Olympian and the atmosphere is awesome with 300 participants. You pay a $6 fee for adults to enter, and you compete against your gender and age only. If you already run and do some weight training, come on out and use your skill to do something different. The meets are every Wednesday until end of August, so if you miss one try the following week.
Get out to a local school, or track, get on your running shoes and start training. Here are some fit tips for track prep training to get you motivated.
Always jog a lap to warm up and do a light stretch, make sure you are hydrated, and dress for weather.

  1. Standing tall arms fully extended in front at waist level, touch knees to hands alternating jogging forward for 50 meters ( quads, and core activation)
  2. From where you ended place hands behind you jog backwards kicking heels behind to touch hands alternating ( calf and hamstring activation)
  3. Running in place (sprinters drill) lifting 1knee as high as your waist bring opposite hand up elbow bent past your ear, switch every time. Do for 1 minute
  4. The lap around the track is 400meters you will split into 4 sections of 100meters.Jog 100meters, then run 100meters, walk 100meters, run 100meters to finish line.( stamina )
  5. At designated long jump pit, stand with feet shoulder width, squat low reaching hand behind you. Reach hands forward when body is standing upright jump pulling knees up to chest pushing feet forward land forward. Your goal is to jump your body length do 10 jumps( all muscle groups)

These drills are challenging so take your time to get used to it. You will burn a lot of calories and train the entire body to work efficiently, slowly building stamina and endurance. Today’s practice is tomorrow’s victory.

If you need any more info or fit tips please contact Jody Garcia.