Day: April 25, 2013

Sweat filled full body circuit!

If you have been looking for a full body workout that takes between 30-60 minutes, here it is!

Jumping pull ups (10-15)
Row Machine (1 minute sprint on 10)
Push ups (10-15)
Repeat 2-3 times

Box Jumps (10-15)
Box Push (Down the hallway and back)
Lunge switches (10-15 each leg)
Repeat 2-3 times

Medicine ball chest throw with 10-20lbs (15-20)
Versa Climber (1 minute sprint)
Bench dips (10-15)
Repeat 2-3 times

Jump squats (10-15)
Stairs (3 full sets)
Burpees (10-15)
Repeat 2-3 times

Rep counts for all levels:
Beginner: 10 reps
Moderate: 12 reps
Advanced: 15 reps

Set counts for all levels:
Beginner to Moderate: 2 sets
Moderate to Advanced: 3 sets

If you have any questions about the exercises above, please contact Amber Gruger at