Day: December 5, 2012

Pilates Exercise of the Month: Twist

Purpose: This advanced exercise strengthens and stretches the olbique adbominal muscles, stabilizes the shoulder and puts balance and control to the test!

Starting Position: Sit sideways with your weight on one side of the pelvis. Bend the legs and place the top foot over the bottom one. Place your hand, palm down, fingers facing away from you, underneath your shoulder. Your top hand rests on knee.

  1. Inhale; In one movement, lift pelvis away from floor, straightening the legs; raise the upper arm to shoulder height; fingers pointing to ceiling. The body is in a straight diagonal line; arms straight & aligned with each other.
  2. Exhale, lift pelvis high, reach free arm (top arm) down toward mat, rotating trunk, as the arm reaches under the body.
  3. Inhale, return to previous position with the body in a straight diagonal line.
  4. Exhale, now, take our arm and reach it back, allowing upper body to twist toward ceiling, resisting pelvic rotation.
  5. Inhale, return to your long diagonal position of step 3. Exhale lower body to starting position. Complete 3-5 times.

Visualization: Imagine you are suspended by a strong spring attached through your belt loops and up to the ceiling.

Head to Toe Checklist:

  • Keep your hips still as you twist
  • Keep scapula stable
  • Maintain alignment of the head with the spine
  • Don’t lean all your weight into your wrists or knees

Begin going in one direction, then add on.