What is Savate Kickboxing?

Seattle KickboxingPerhaps you have heard in the gym, on T.V, and from friends the art of Kickboxing. There are many different kinds from American freestyle, Chinese San Chou, Thai kickboxing, and French Savate to name a few. They have similar names, but differ tremendously. I am going to share with you the art of French Savate.

Originally created in late 1800s, a hand to hand combat style safe to practice at any age, and after you learn the basics is quite fun. The student will learn to use:

  • Footwork patterns,
  • Boxing
  • Leg kicks
  • Body reaction awareness
  • Flexibility physically & mentally

This art will help you to stay relaxed, fluid; while always thinking of the strategies learned from the combinations that are drilled on a regular basis. Increase your cognitive skills as well as hand-eye coordination as technique is always your foundation for movement. Think of the art of French Savate like chess, when your opponent moves you are ready to do the opposite to use brains before brawn!

The fundamental element of Savate is the conditioning; you learn to master every exercise modality, giving the student every opportunity to be a Martial Art Athlete. As you progress with the combinations and their mastery you get promoted with diplomas and graduate to the next level of information/combinations. Your ultimate goal is a Black belt and then degrees of the black belt after. Fall in love with French Savate for the art and knowledge you will learn about, and your own strengths when put under different environmental stresses. This form of kick boxing is taught at the Seattle Athletic Club Downtown. If you would like come try a class or schedule a private class, contact Jody Garcia for more information.



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